Club to sponsor blood drive in Hurley Hall

first_imgImagine your community is desperately lacking a resource that your own body produces every day. The solution, senior Shannon Kraemer said, is obvious: give blood.Notre Dame Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society (ACS) student club are sponsoring a blood drive Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Hurley Hall. For each unit of blood donated to the South Bend Medical Foundation, a $5 donation will be given to Relay for Life.Kraemer, co-chair for Relay for Life and co-president of the American Cancer Society club, said that even one donation can make a significant difference.“One donation of blood can save more than three lives or seven babies’ lives,” Kraemer said.The number of blood donors is decreasing every year, she said, and many young adults do not donate blood.“I think it is something with our generation that primarily we are pretty busy or we travel and we just forget to give,” she said.She said one of her professors suggested the decrease in blood donations could be because of a generational difference.“My professor said that when he was younger everyone gave and it was kind of a moral requirement that you give blood,” Kraemer said. “There is a bizarre mentality that ‘Hey it’s my blood, I can choose what to do with it,’ and I want to be sympathetic to that perspective, but I think we are all kind of in this together, and if it’s your grandma, or your mom, you wouldn’t think twice.”Kraemer said there is a red banner on the South Bend Medical Foundation’s website,, which states that there is less than a two-day supply of A-negative and O-positive blood.“I got really kind of anxious about it,” Kraemer said. “This I feel like is organic, you make your own blood and you’ll always have more of it, so why can’t we be a little generous to our surrounding community when that’s what means most?”Participating in the blood drive is especially convenient for students since it takes place at central location on campus, Kraemer said. Last year only about half the appointment slots were filled, and she said she hopes a bigger turnout will occur this year.“I think as a University that has social justice standards and human rights conversations … I really think we should be able to fill up more than two people an hour for this event,” Kraemer said.Kraemer said many students travel internationally and as a result cannot give blood. She said for the past couple of years she was one of those students and that she looks forward to giving blood again tomorrow. She said students who are able to give blood should be donating to compensate for those who cannot, especially since there is such a dire need for donations in the South Bend community.“I just wanted to communicate that this is urgent and students need to wake up to this,” Kraemer said.Tags: American Cancer Society, blood drive, Relay for Lifelast_img read more

An India First: More Renewable Capacity Than Coal Installed Last Year

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Quartz India:For the first time ever, India has added more production capacity from renewable energy in a year than from conventional sources like coal.Between April 2017 and March 2018, the country added around 11,788 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy capacity. That’s more than double the 5,400 MW of capacity addition in the thermal and hydro power sectors during the same period.The numbers are in sync with the Narendra Modi government’s plan to promote renewable power, targeting capacity additions of 175,000 MW from renewable sources by 2022. Yet, new capacity in major sectors like wind and solar power has fallen short of targets. Instead, it is energy sources like small hydro, waste-to-energy, and biomass that have picked up the pace, and even surpassed the annual targets set by the government.The country’s wind power sector added around 1700 MW of capacity during the last financial year, far short of the targeted 4,000 MW. This was predominantly due to issues with the implementation of a policy change that the government introduced in 2017. The problems have since been fixed, and the sector is getting back on its feet.Meanwhile, the solar power sector just about managed to go past its annual target of 9,000 MW last year. The target was revised downward from the 15,000 MW set in 2016. This sector, too, had a rough year due to policy uncertainties and fewer government tenders for setting up solar power projects.The rooftop solar sector added around 350 MW in capacity, woefully short of the 1,000 MW target that was scaled down by the government from 5,000 MW last year.More: India Added More Energy Capacity From Renewables Than Coal Last Year An India First: More Renewable Capacity Than Coal Installed Last Yearlast_img read more

Mountain Mama: How to Find Outdoor Jobs for Couples

first_imgDear Mountain Mama,My husband and I spend every moment outside of our mundane 8 to 5 office jobs in the mountains, backpacking, and on the river. We’re both miserable stuck inside and want to leave the city life for the mountains. We would like to work together, outside, doing something to benefit Mother Nature. The perfect job would allow us to spread awareness of how to enjoy the mountains and preserve the land. My husband has experience working in the outdoors.How can we find a husband and wife job outdoors, or outdoor jobs for couples?Thanks,Outdoor Lover—————————————————————————–Dear Outdoor Lover,Oh, how claustrophobic and stifling the office gig can get! Especially this time of year when summer vacations have come and gone, when there is one work week stacked upon another for months on end until the next respite from the computer, phone, and copier.Before you take the leap from office career to pursue an outdoor job, let me remind you that the grass isn’t always greener. The pay is often lower, benefits are difficult to come by, and the work can be seasonal. You and your husband might end up working holidays and weekends.But if you’re undaunted by the drawbacks, you could enjoy waking up in paradise every morning. You will be able to breathe in fresh mountain air and get out in the mountains and on the rivers you so dearly love.Your letter says that your husband has some experience working in the outdoors. Since you don’t mention whether you have outdoor experience, I’ll assume that you don’t. That’s okay, because what you do have is office skills, which are needed in every industry. Take a look at the website and check out options for couples to take care of ranches, farms, campgrounds, and outdoor centers. Most of these jobs tend to be year-round positions and employers prefer couples since they will keep one another company during the off-season.Or pick a particular outdoor sport and start racking up your certifications. From accountants turned hang glider instructors to lawyers who became raft guides, there are plenty of examples of folks who have waved good-bye to the career track in search of a more fulfilling lifestyle. If you want to go the guide or instructor route, I’d suggest spending all your free time building up your credentials. For example, if you want to work on the river, take a Swiftwater Rescue Class, ACA and BCU instructor courses, and sign up for raft guiding training next year. For more information on how to become a raft guide, check out the Nantahala Outdoor Center’s guide training.Outdoor Lover, dream about what you want your life in the mountains to be like. Do you want to work seasonal jobs with breaks in between seasons? Or do you prefer the security of year-long work? How much money do you need to feel comfortable? How important are benefits? Let the answers guide your life direction.Happy job hunting!Mountain MamaGOT A QUESTION FOR MOUNTAIN MAMA? SEND IT HERElast_img read more

Bloomberg sees losses after spending over $100 million in Florida, Ohio, Texas

first_imgThere were even discussions that some Democratic leaders were going to try to convince Biden to offer Bloomberg a Cabinet post, these people added. Those efforts appear to be no longer in motion and it’s unclear if either Biden or Bloomberg would even entertain the idea. These people declined to be named as the discussions and plans were made in private.Beyond the presidential election, the outcome of Bloomberg’s decisions in 2020 could have an impact on his involvement in the upcoming New York mayoral race.At the end of the presidential election Bloomberg was looking to move ahead in planning how to potentially spend big on that race, these people noted. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s term ends on the first day of 2022. The presidential race is still ongoing and it’s unclear what Bloomberg, a former New York mayor himself, is now planning to do in the contest of a city he once ran.Bloomberg was notably not deeply involved in critical U.S. Senate races. Democrats appear to be on track to fall short of becoming the majority in the chamber.The breakdown of the spending by Bloomberg during the later stages of the presidential election goes further than just investing into ad buys.Data from Advertising Analytics shows that Bloomberg’s super PAC, Independence USA, spent just more than $36 million in Florida between the months of September and November. The PAC also spent $6.9 million on ads airing in Texas and $3.3 million in Ohio.That data does not include the ads that Bloomberg funded through pro-Biden super PACs, such as Priorities USA Action.Bloomberg’s resources also went toward a slew of companies, with some having direct ties to him.Hawkfish, the data firm Bloomberg founded, was paid more than $3.2 million during the 2020 election cycle, according to data from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. The firm was also used during Bloomberg’s presidential campaign.The data company teamed up with a pro-Biden super PAC, Unite the Country, to keep track of voting in Florida. The two organizations would regularly brief reporters on the state of play in the Sunshine State and discuss a theory of a possible “red mirage.”Another group who saw a payday from Bloomberg’s PAC is Schoen Cooperman Research, a firm founded by the former New York mayor’s longtime pollster Doug Schoen.A Bloomberg spokeswoman did not return a request for comment. Billionaire and former presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg’s more than $100 million investment into three key states fell flat as President Donald Trump appears to have captured all of them.In the months after Bloomberg dropping out of the Democratic primary, the New York business leader huddled with advisors to plot a spending blitz to help Democratic nominee Joe Biden overtake Trump. It was initially decided that most of a $100 million spend would go toward the pivotal state of Florida. Later he would add Ohio and Texas into the mix.NBC News is projecting that Trump will defeat Biden in those states. Bloomberg’s team believed that if they spent big in Florida, it would force Trump and his allies to shift resources away from other regions of the country and into the key battleground state.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Mike BloombergJohannes Eisele | AFP | Getty Imagescenter_img Still, the sheer amount of losses for Bloomberg in 2020 is a major blow, considering he’s known as one of the leading kingmakers in the Democratic Party. He has a net worth of more than $54 billion and spent $1 billion on his primary run for president that ended up winning only a few dozen delegates, including some from the American Samoa caucusThe respect that Bloomberg had within the party was evident in the buildup to Election Day as he plowed millions into the Sunshine State.Democratic leaders were privately becoming more convinced that they were going to defeat Trump there, in part on the basis that Bloomberg was flooding the airwaves with ads, according to people familiar with the matter who declined to be named. They believed that Bloomberg’s messaging machine was enough to push Biden over the edge and flip Florida back to the Democrats after losing there in 2016.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

H1N1 FLU BREAKING NEWS: School closure, pneumococcal vaccine, China cancels camps, Russian official warns against UK travel

first_imgAug 4, 2009Federal officials weigh narrowing school closure adviceFederal officials are considering plans to recommend fewer school closures, according to anonymous sources cited in a Washington Post story today. Early in the novel H1N1 flu outbreak, officials recommended closures when student illnesses were confirmed, but later recommended closing only when large numbers were ill. The new guidance might recommend closure only under “extenuating circumstances,” such as schools that have large numbers of children with chronic medical conditions. 4 Washington Post story Some call for more use of pneumococcal vaccine in H1N1 battleSome infectious disease experts say the pneumococcal vaccine Pneumovax should be used more widely as a way to prevent serious cases of novel H1N1 flu, the Los Angeles Times reported today. Preliminary CDC data indicate that about 30% of H1N1-related pneumonia cases are caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, which is targeted by Pneumovax. At least 70 million Americans are in groups advised to receive the vaccine, but coverage among non-elderly groups is fairly low.,0,6872284.storyAug 4 LA Times story China cancels camps in flu-stricken areasChina’s health ministry is canceling summer camps in areas where novel H1N1 outbreaks are occurring, China Daily reported, according to an Agence France-Presse (AFP) story today. The action follows reports of more than 120 illnesses in students and adults at summer camps in Beijing and in Guangzhou in southern China. The ministry statement said camps elsewhere in the country should be held “only when necessary.” 4 AFP story Russian official warns against travel to UKRussia’s chief health officer, Gennadi Onischenko, urged Russians not to travel to Wales for a World Cup soccer match on Sep 9 because of Britain’s novel H1N1 flu epidemic, according to the British newspaper the Times. Onischenko blamed Britain for most of Russia’s H1N1 cases and called travel there “absolutely inappropriate.” He suggested that Britain is covering up virus spread. The story said Wales is the least affected part of the country, with 89 confirmed cases and no deaths. 4 Times reportlast_img read more

Australia’s new campaign is encouraging residents to take vacations within the state to recover from the post-fire crisis

first_imgThe main message is: We are open for business! Holiday here the year!  The total cost of the campaign is $ 20 million and calls on local communities to leave passports at home and travel locally to support the tourism industry of the country affected by the fires. A fine example of excellent and timely communication, right after the rain finally put out the huge fire that engulfed much of Australia. They decided on this move at a time when domestic and international bookings are falling by as much as 35 percent. According to the Australian Export Tourism Council, they have already fallen by 40 per cent, which with this calculation will eventually lead to losses of billion dollars. Given that the Australian tourism industry has been hit by a 40 per cent drop in overseas bookings, this campaign seeks to encourage locals to show their support for the affected areas by booking, planning and using holidays within the country. The campaign is also aimed at promotion at the state level, reflecting the aspect in which Australia is ready to welcome tourists. The tourism official added that this is only the first step, despite the fact that this campaign is aimed at domestic audiences, and that they are anxiously awaiting the next phase of the recovery campaign, which will focus on restoring the Australian brand to an international audience. The director of the Australian Tourist Board, Phillipa Harrison, said tourism is the lifeblood of many communities in Australia, and it is crucial that the industry gets back on its feet as soon as possible. She added that this is why they are asking domestic visitors to rest in their “own neighborhood” this year.center_img The Australian Tourist Board has launched a campaign called “Holiday Here This Year“(Rest here this year) inviting Australians to take a holiday at home. To cope with the loss, the tourism department is now encouraging Australians to prioritize holidays within the state, provide support in rebuilding fire-affected cities and help communities recover from lost income. Source / photo: Travel and Tour World; RELATED NEWS: AUSTRALIA’S GOAL TO ATTRACT BRITISH TOURISTS WITH AN EXCELLENT CAMPAIGNlast_img read more

Companies Trump said would create thousands of jobs have failed to deliver

first_imgIn his first address to the US Congress, President Donald Trump hailed General Motors Co, Harley-Davidson Inc, Intel Corp and seven other companies as innovators and job creators, predicting they would be among those producing “tens of thousands of new American jobs” and investing “billions and billions of dollars.”Nearly three years later, with unemployment at the lowest in half a century, that first presidential portfolio has stumbled to fulfill that forecast. While Trump’s 10 companies have spent billions on new factories and upgrades, they failed to keep pace with new hires, according to a Reuters analysis of the group’s capital expenditures and headcount since 2017. Collective employment at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, Ford Motor Co, GM, Harley, Intel, Lockheed Martin Corp, Sprint Corp, Walmart Inc and small biotech Amicus Therapeutics has remained flat at about 2 million workers, the analysis shows. In the same period, total US employment has risen by 4.5 percent.Wall Street has not smiled extensively on Trump’s selected companies either. Most of the companies’ total shareholder return has trailed the S&P 500’s 47 percent advance and sector benchmarks since Trump’s February 2017 speech. Only four of the 10 have outperformed the broad benchmark while five have lagged the wider market by 35 points or more, as of Jan. 28. White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere declined to comment about the individual companies, but noted more Americans are coming off the sidelines and finding work, and US wages and consumer confidence are rising. “Despite headwinds from severe monetary tightening and a global recession, President Trump’s agenda of fair and reciprocal trade, lower taxes and deregulation has created the strongest economy we’ve ever seen,” he added. Still, struggles within the Trump portfolio underscore how the president’s economic and immigration policies have produced uneven results as he seeks another term in the White House. Since he took office, only Fiat Chrysler and defense contractor Lockheed Martin have added a meaningful number of net new workers. Lockheed’s US headcount is up about 15 percent. Fiat’s employment is up about 11 percent, with some gains coming from broader North American operations. The net gain of jobs at the two companies is about 22,800 since the end of 2016, according to company disclosures. “What a great brand Jeep is,” Trump said in a shoutout to Fiat Chrysler’s hot-selling vehicle, before signing a tariff agreement with China. By contrast, the combined overall US headcount at Ford and GM has declined by about 10,000, or 5 percent to 184,000, despite investing billions of dollars in their automotive plants.Topics :last_img read more

APG acquires Deloitte data analytics team for sustainable investing

first_imgDutch asset manager APG is taking over the data analytics team for sustainable investing from Deloitte Nederland.APG – the investment manager for the €403bn Dutch civil service scheme ABP – said the takeover would significantly accelerate its use of artificial intelligence and big data for sustainable and responsible investing.Thirteen former Deloitte employees will work for APG in an independent business unit, the asset manager said. Their job will be to identify listed companies that make an important contribution to solutions for climate change, or for problems in healthcare and education.“The technical infrastructure and the team’s smart algorithms are fully operational and are a very good fit with APG’s current investing activities,” said the asset manager in a statement.   Ronald Wuijster, interim member of the executive board of APG Group, said: “We are constantly seeking out innovative and sustainable investment opportunities to achieve the highest possible return at the lowest possible costs.“Using the unique knowledge this team has in relation to big data and artificial intelligence will make us even better at that.”APG said it “invests fully in new technology”, in relation to investments and pension administration. It has a special team that develops algorithms using, among other things, contact history, personal data, pension details, and the online browsing behaviour of large groups of participants.“By combining this information for different target groups, it can be predicted with high reliability when they will contact the pension fund in relation to which topic,” said APG. “These insights are used to proactively approach the pension fund participants, but also to communicate more efficiently and effectively with the participants.”Last year APG and PGGM completed a prototype of a blockchain-driven pension administration system. ABP has aimed to allocate €58bn to sustainability investments by 2020. These are investments in companies, deals or projects that provide “solutions to sustainability challenges”, guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.last_img read more

ECB signals end to QE but interest rates to stay low

first_imgThe European Central Bank (ECB) has signalled its intention to end its €2.4trn bond-buying programme at the end of this year.However, in an announcement deemed by some investors as surprisingly dovish, the central bank indicated that it could keep interest rates at their current ultra-low levels until well into 2019.Speaking in Latvia yesterday, ECB president Mario Draghi said the bank would halve the monthly value of assets purchased through its quantitative easing (QE) programme for the last three months of this year, from €30bn to €15bn.As long as inflation remained within its desired range, the ECB said it would cease buying new assets at the end of December. Source: ECBECB president Mario Draghi (second right) addresses media in Riga on 14 JuneThe ECB planned to keep reinvesting the proceeds from maturing bonds purchased through QE “for as long as necessary to maintain favourable liquidity conditions and an ample degree of monetary accommodation”, it said in a statement yesterday.Draghi told journalists gathered in the Latvian capital Riga that “significant monetary policy stimulus” was still necessary to support prices and inflation.He added that the ECB “stands ready to adjust all of its instruments as appropriate” to meet its inflation target of close to 2%.‘Unnecessarily dovish’Nick Peters, multi-asset portfolio manager at Fidelity International, argued that the cautious tone was “unnecessary”.While the end to QE was expected by markets, he said the bank’s decision to commit to not hike rates until later in 2019 was “surprising” given that inflation forecasts indicated that the bank’s target was in sight.“Second, extrapolating the steady fall in unemployment the euro-zone has now enjoyed for many years, the [unemployment] rate will be back at 2007’s low levels by the time the ECB hikes for the first time this cycle,” Peters added.“The slowing in euro-zone data at the start of this year is clear, but this feels like an overreaction from a central bank that we would expect to remain a steady hand with a medium-term outlook.”Salman Ahmed, chief investment strategist at Lombard Odier Investment Managers, described the comments as “firmly dovish”, despite the reduction in stimulus.“The still quite dovish ECB should also further help European risky assets which had seen risk premia rise on the back of developments in Italy,” Ahmed said. “All in all, global liquidity is moving towards a more tightening stance but the ECB is playing its role in trying to ensure that the journey remains gradual and anchored.”Currency movementsThe euro was likely to weaken against the dollar, according to Larry Hatheway, chief economist at Swiss asset manager GAM, based on the contrast between the Federal Reserve’s plan to raise interest rates twice more by the end of this year, and the ECB’s more conservative stance.David Riley, chief investment strategist at BlueBay, added: “The euro is understandably weakening against the dollar with the Fed ever more confident in the economic outlook and the need to raise interest rates, and the ECB that remains cautious about removing its extraordinary monetary support.“European government bonds will stay very low, anchored by a negative ECB deposit rate, while growth-sensitive assets will be supported by continued ultra-easy monetary policy.”  The Euro Stoxx 50 index closed 1.4% higher last night, while German 10-year Bund yields up 0.5% during the day at 6pm UK time on Thursday. Asset managers were surprised by the tone of the president’s comments, however, as he spoke of keeping interest rates low at least through the summer of 2019.last_img read more

Hundreds turn out for pre-Easter auctions

first_imgThe Hamptons style kitchen has a butler’s pantry and can be accessed directly from the garage.The winning bidders were a local family with three young children who were on holiday interstate and bidding by phone.Also in Saturday auction results, Place Sunnybank sold 12 Alfred Circuit Calamvale under the hammer for $870,000 with eight registered bidders and a crowd of around 90 people attending.While luxury car dealer Brad Emmerson’s five-bedroom property at 11 Eblin Drive, Hamilton is still on the market after being passed-in at auction. Ray White Sherwood-Graceville took 51 Brisbane Corso, Fairfield to auction with more than 40 people standing around this pool to see it sell under the hammer on Saturday.The property had been fully renovated by Queensland construction baron Bob Beech, who bought the flood-affected house in 2012. >>>FOLLOW THE COURIER-MAIL REAL ESTATE TEAM ON FACEBOOK<<< The brand new house at 31 Agincourt St, Grange that sold at auction on Saturday.Eight local families led an emotional non-stop 40-minute auction, which started with an opening bid of $1 million.The five-bedroom property on 607sq m reached its $1.79 million reserve, at which point two bidders dug in, offering $500 rises all the way to the winning bid of $1,820,500. The property was bought by developers in May last year for $705,000 and this new house was built.“It was quite emotional for the under bidders,” Ray White Wilston principal Alistair Macmillan said.“They loved the house, there was a lot of emotional attachment with the bidders and the auction took every bit of 40 minutes.” Saturday’s auctions included 51 Brisbane Corso, Fairfield, where the house and this view sold for $3.15 million.TWO hundred people saw a new suburb record set in Brisbane’s north while on the river, a renovated waterfront home sold under the hammer for $3.15 million, in a pre-Easter auction surge on the weekend.Of the 69 properties that went to auction across the city, 51 Brisbane Corso, Fairfield, was among the prestige offerings.center_img After knocking out a counter bid, the auction was paused at $2.9 million with Ms Shields, representing a family of five from Brisbane’s western suburbs, in the lead.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus13 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market13 hours agoAlmost 20 minutes later, Mr Parker returned with a gavel in hand to announce that Ms Shields had increased the bid to $3.15 million, and the house was on the market. No further bids were received and the property sold.“I came in just below budget,” Ms Shields said.“You never know how things are going to go at an auction.” MORE REAL ESTATE STORIES There is a stunning view from the master bedroom that takes up the whole third level.The five bidders hoping to move in were young couples and families from outside Brisbane, Sydney, and within the city.With two reaches of the Brisbane River as a backdrop, and an audience of more than 40, Ray White auctioneer Phil Parker, himself a Brisbane Corso resident, opened the auction.Energetic bidding in $100,000 lots began almost immediately, with buyer’s agent Belinda Shields joining as an active bidder at $2.8 million.MORE: WOULD YOU SELL YOUR HOUSE AT AUCTION? CHECK OUT THE OPTIONS Less than an hour later in the inner-northern suburb of Grange, a crowd of 200 saw the newly built 31 Agincourt St set a new suburb record for a property under 800sq m.last_img read more