Voodoo Visionary Shares Pro-Shot Footage From Sold Out Album Release Party [Watch]

first_imgOn Friday, February 17, 2017, Atlanta funk ensemble Voodoo Visionary released their highly anticipated sophomore album, Off The Ground. The group celebrated with a sold-out show that night at Aisle 5 in Atlanta, with support from Alabama’s Little Raine Band and Tennessee’s Opposite Box. This marked the band’s fourth straight sold-out performance in Atlanta and first as a headliner.As the band’s second studio effort, Off The Ground is a journey deeper into the rhythms from which Voodoo Visionary collect their influence. Co-engineers and producers Mark Michaelson and Josh Thane of WonderDog Sound Studios provide expertise that allows the ensemble to comfortably explore multiple genres and results in a tight performance throughout all thirteen tracks. The band’s musicality shines through in the compositions of each song, with influences ranging from the beginnings of R&B, blues, and bluegrass to modern jazz, funk, and soul. The compositions themselves show an evolution in Voodoo Visionary’s writing and the performance is clean and well thought out while maintaining the raw energy of the band’s live show.For Off The Ground, Voodoo Visionary’s core members Dennis Dowd (keys), Jimmy Lynch (bass), Scott MacDonald (vocals), Mac Schmitz (drums), and Mike Wilson (guitar) were joined by frequent collaborators Martin Anderson (saxophone and horn arrangements), Paul Nelson (trombone), Ben Otieno (trumpet), and Jose Rivera (percussion) as well as guest vocalists Austin Cobb, Vanessa Graniero, and Christopher Micheal. These guests and featured musicians are all members of the Atlanta and Athens, GA music scenes and help create a diverse range of sounds from track to track. Off the Ground is sure to signal Voodoo Visionary’s arrival at a new chapter of their own development and success in their activities and upcoming performances.Video from the sold-out performance at Aisle 5 was shot and edited by Nathan Reetz. Check out this new multi-cam footage, below.Following album release shows in Atlanta, Asheville, and Athens, Voodoo Visionary heads out on tour this week in support of their new album. Check out the tour dates below!Voodoo Visionary Tour Schedule03/02 Dunedin Brewery | Dunedin FL03/03 Funk Fest 8 | Punta Gorda FL w/ The Motet, & more03/04 Funk Fest 8 | Punta Gorda FL w/ The Motet, Dumpstaphunk & more03/07 Tanqueray’s | Orlando FL w/ Voodoo Visionary03/08 St. Matthew’s Tavern | Orlando FL (open jam hosts)03/09 1904 Music Hall | Jacksonville FL w/ Gang of Thieves03/10 Fire Betty’s | Tallahassee FL03/16 Preservation Pub | Knoxville TN03/17 Mercy Lounge | Nashville TN03/18 Revelry Room | Chattanooga TN04/15 Infinite Energy Arena | Duluth GA (Georgia Swarm pre-game)04/22 Sweetwater 420 Fest | Atlanta GA04/28 Good Ol’ Days | Cumming GA05/04-07 CukoRakko Music and Arts Festival | Steele ALlast_img read more

Bullets Star Marin Mazzie Teaches Us How to Be the Ultimate Diva

first_img Who is your favorite stage diva of all time? The one person that fits the definition of the diva that I want to be is Angela Lansbury. Her career has spanned decades, she has been a success in every medium. She continues to give of herself to the theater and to her work and she is the classiest, nicest, most generous woman. She’s an extraordinary person that I look at and say, “That’s a diva who really has it all.” The beauty outside and inside. Which diva would you like to sing a duet with? I already got to sing a duet with Chita Rivera! The other diva I would love to sing with is Barbara Cook. What is the ultimate diva meal to order in a restaurant? An expensive bottle of champagne and some really expensive caviar. I love those two things—as long as I’m not footing the bill! [Laughs.] If there’s one leading lady who knows how to play the ultimate diva, it’s Bullets Over Broadway star Marin Mazzie. The three-time Tony nominee is back on the boards as Helen Sinclair, a glamorous Broadway star who practically invented the word. But according to Mazzie, divas have gotten a bad rap in recent years. “I think divas can be a lot of things,” she told Broadway.com. “It gets the bad connotation of someone with a big ego who is mean to people and bosses people around and demands a lot of things. I think of a diva as a very strong woman who knows what she wants and goes for it.” Mazzie is turning Broadway.com into Diva University—read below for a lesson in all things diva! How late should a diva sleep every day? I think Helen Sinclair gets out of bed in time for cocktails, whether that’s three, four or five in the afternoon. Marin doesn’t do that, though! Bullets Over Broadway What is your favorite diva song to sing? Really and truly, it’s “Back to Before” from Ragtime. The character of Mother in Ragtime is a woman I admire so deeply because she truly was a force for change at the turn of the century. That song, through my career, has meant so much. It’s a song that I’ve sung at so many events for different things, because “we can never go back to before” continues to be something we need to be saying to people. We have so many of the same problems that we’ve had over the years and not been able to get past as humans. That’s my ultimate song. What items should every diva have in her dressing room? From a vocal diva standpoint, you must have throat tea, Mucinex, Braggs apple cider vinegar (because it has “the mother” in it, whatever that means), and Alkalol to gargle with. Also, a couch to sleep on—for this show, my husband sent me a leopard onesie. I have to say, it’s the most comfortable thing, I put it on between shows and I sleep in it! But of course, I remove the tail. What are the five qualities every diva must possess? Strength, confidence, a sense of humor about yourself and respect and kindness for everyone you meet and work with. Oh, and you must have a flask (if you’re me, it’s full of good tequila). See Marin Mazzie in Bullets Over Broadway, now playing at the St. James Theatre. Which divas do you draw inspiration from while playing Helen Sinclair? Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall, Jean Harlow and Barbara Stanwyck. They were all strong, sexy women that became even stronger as the years went on. What item in your closet makes you feel like a diva when you put it on? Because I do a lot of concerts, I have a lot of gowns. I have this great beaded gown that I love to wear and that’s great fun. And I wore this beautiful red dress [see below] that Theia designed on opening night of Bullets Over Broadway. It’s gorgeous.center_img What’s your favorite diva costume piece in Bullets Over Broadway? During my first scene, I enter in what I call my temple—[set designer] Santo Loquasto designed it for me, and I consider it a part of my costume. I open those red doors, and there I am in this gorgeous, jeweled silver dressing gown. In my head, I imagine that Julian Marx [played by Lenny Wolpe] has come to try and convince me to do this play, it’s sometime in the afternoon and of course I’m still in bed, probably with someone. In my mind, I make him wait a good 45 minutes before I throw a robe on and decide to come down and scream at him. What is your signature diva drink? I like a silver tequila like Patron or Milagro or Herradura, shaken in a martini shaker with a really healthy squeeze of lime, poured in a martini glass. Related Shows View Comments What diva trait does your husband [actor Jason Danieley] let you get away with? I’m sure he has a whole list of things I don’t even know I do! He gets up at the crack of dawn and walks Oscar, our beloved Miniature Schnauzer [photo below, from Danieley’s Instagram page]. He lets me get away with staying in bed. Star Files Show Closed This production ended its run on Aug. 24, 2014 Who is your favorite screen diva? Joan Crawford in The Women is hilarious. She’s a low-class girl who’s working her way up, or at least thinks she is. I love her in that, and in Mildred Pierce and Grand Hotel and Posessed—she’s done a variety of wonderful things. I’ll mix her with Carole Lombard, who was so beautiful and funny in To Be or Not to Be, Twentieth Century and My Man Godfrey; I love her. The combination of those two! Marin Mazzielast_img read more

Read labels

first_imgLast Friday, retired University of Georgia Extension Agent Walter Reeves sent an email to several Georgia Extension agents. He shared a link to a CNN story about a man who accidentally killed his 40,000 square foot lawn with a product he thought was just for weed control. Walter attached the product label, both front and back. A debate ensued as to whether the manufacturer made it clear that this product would kill everything. On the back of the bottle under Use Precautions, it plainly stated, “Do not Use on Desirable Plants,” and “Do not Use in Lawns.”A huge mistakeThe herbicide contained the active ingredients glyphosate, which most of you know as Roundup, and prodiamine, which blocks new plant growth. So the poor guy not only lost his grass, but he can’t replant for a while due to prodiamine in the herbicide. He said he talked to three employees at his local garden center before he bought the product, but none of them warned him that the herbicide would kill his lawn.The story prompted me to remind everyone how important it is to read the label on a pesticides and herbicides. When people call me about a pesticide, I try to always tell them, “No matter what I tell you, read the label.”The label gives you important information about how to use the pesticide effectively and safely. You should try to read the label before you buy the product and read it again each time you use the product. Memory doesn’t always serve correctlyDo not rely on your memory when you buy a pesticide you have used before. Read the name of the pesticide product carefully because many pesticides for the home, yard and garden have similar names and packaging. Be sure you are buying the right product.I have even had people tell me they accidently sprayed their lawn or some plants with an herbicide when they thought they had picked up an insecticide, so pay attention to what you grab from your own shelf. Getting into the habit of looking at the label every time you use a product can prevent these kinds of mix ups from happening, and also keeps you, your landscape and the people around you safe. Follow directions exactlyIt is important that you follow the directions exactly as they are given on the label, and only use the pesticide on sites or crops that are listed on the label. When a plant or crop is not listed on the label, it could mean the pesticide has not been tested on them, but it could also mean it will harm or kill that plant or crop. The pesticide label will tell you how to apply the product, when to apply it an how much to use for different areas and different pests. For example, an insecticide may list one using one amount for certain insect pests, and another amount for other pests. Never use more than the label prescribes. Using more can be wasteful, damage the plants, leave an excess amount of the chemical on your food crops or harm nontarget organisms such as beneficial insects. The label will also tell you whether a product is safe to use inside your home, whether its safe to use on food crops and whether you need to keep children and pets away from a treated area after you spray. Many turf and ornamental pesticides should not be used on vegetables, fruit crops, herbs or anything else you plan to eat. Make note of precautionsThe pesticide label also will list special precautions to take. These include keeping other people — especially children — and pets away from the area where the pesticide was applied. It will also include warnings about not applying pesticides when it is wet or windy to prevent the pesticide from drifting or running off into storm water.Pesticide labels always contain a signal word that will tell you how toxic the product is to humans. These three signal words are caution, warning or danger. Signal words will usually be in capital letters. The least toxic products carry the signal word CAUTION. Products with the signal word WARNING are more toxic. The most toxic pesticides have DANGER on their labels. I believe all consumer-grade products now have CAUTION on their label. And finally, the label will tell you what steps to take if someone has accidentally ingested or inhaled the chemical or gotten it on their skin or in their eyes.last_img read more

Beer Blog: Fullsteam Brewery, Durham, N.C.

first_imgFullsteam AheadNorth Carolina’s craft beer scene is booming, with so many new breweries opening in the last few years, it can be hard to keep track of them all.Fullsteam Brewery, out of Durham, opened in 2010 with what could be the most ambitious brewery platform to date—these guys want to craft Southern beer.They have a “plow to pint” philosophy with the goal of creating a working “Southern beer economy.” Their lineup of seasonal beers in particular leans heavily on Southern ingredients. They use local farmers to fill the malt bills, local chocolatiers for their cocoa nibs, a bunch of local bees provide the honey…they even use customers to provide fruit and veggies for their small batch “Forager Series.”So far, so good. Fullsteam won a Good Food Award for one of its Forager beers last year, and the owner, Sean Lily Wilson, was a James Beard semi-finalist in 2012 and 2013 for the Outstanding Wine, Beer and Spirits Professional category. Respect.For Cackalacky, Fullsteam’s first canned beer, the brewery collaborated with Cackalacky, a North Carolina-based hot sauce company. Relax, it’s not brewed with hot sauce, it’s brewed with ginger, which provides a subtle edge to this terrific pale ale.The label proclaims the beer to be hoppy and zippy, and I’d say that marketing speak is pretty accurate. There’s a bit of candied sweetness to the beer, which is what I look for in a pale ale, and there just a bit of zest from the ginger that lingers on your tongue after you finish the sip. Fullsteam could’ve gone over the top with the use of ginger here, but they showed restraint. The result is a totally sessionable pale ale that I’d drink on a regular basis if I could find it.Not only is it a really good beer, it’s fun as hell to say. Cackalacky. Cackalacky Cackalacky Cackalacky.Fullsteam.aglast_img read more

Chilean Government Delivers 60,000 Copies of Mistral and Neruda Anthologies

first_imgBy Dialogo June 15, 2009 Santiago de Chile, June 11 (EFE). – Today the Chilean government delivered 60,000 copies of books by Nobel Literature Prize winners Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral to the libraries of all colleges, elementary schools, and high schools for the nation’s next bicentennial. The main characteristic of Antología Popular by Pablo Neruda and Antología, Selección de la Autora by Gabriela Mistral is that both poets renounced their copyrights so these works would benefit the students. The Bicentennial Commission complied with the wish that both Mistral and Neruda expressed regarding their anthologies: that “most readers could have access to them.” Hence, the copies were not put on sale, but were all distributed free to the libraries of municipalized, subsidized, and independent educational institutions. In 1972 Neruda, who was seriously ill, prepared his Antología Popular, and asked President Salvador Allende to print a million copies to offer his poetic legacy to all Chileans. However, the poet’s project was sabotaged by the 1973 coup d’etat that made the dictator Augusto Pinochet the country’s ruler, and most of Neruda’s books were destroyed. Meanwhile, in 1941, Gabriela Mistral made a selection of her favorite poems. The author’s wish was to encourage the students in her country, particularly the children from her hometown of Montegrande, located in northern Chile; therefore, she renounced her copyrights. The Minister of Education, Mónica Jiménez, praised the publication of these anthologies as “a way of representing what we have become after 200 years of independence. They are a way to extol our stamp of identity, associated since the times of La Araucana to poetic exaltation.”last_img read more

Fire Island National Seashore at 50: The View from Watch Hill

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Shortly after setting up camp in the farthest, seemingly most-private Watch Hill Campground site bordering the largest barrier beach nature preserve in the Northeast, typical Fire Island visitors arrived back to back.First came the deer, who left on their own, followed by mosquitoes that were chased off with bug spray. Then a Fire Island National Seashore (FINS) ranger sauntered by with a friendly reminder not to burn down the park by lighting any forbidden ground fires. Stray joggers, families out for strolls and wandering party people also randomly stopped by to chat at the boardwalk’s dead end that doubled as an entrance to this reporter’s campground—a trip preceding the 50th anniversary of the national seashore’s founding.“You get special moments out here,” Jiggers Turner, a volunteer camp host who helps keep the peace at the campground every other weekend, said while recalling countless friends made while breaking bread over seaside BBQs. “It’s just a magical place.”That’s because the campground abuts the Otis Pike Fire Island High Dune Wilderness Area, a seven-mile federal preserve on the east end of the 32-mile barrier island south of Long Island. The pristine beach draws nature-loving backpackers who camp freely in the wild east of Watch Hill. The area is considered “the other Fire Island”—as opposed to the island’s 17 communities to the west, which includes packed bars such as Flynn’s.Fifty years ago Sept. 3, President Lyndon Johnson signed The Wilderness Act into law, which led to the founding of the national seashore a week later. Fire Islanders had lobbied for the legislation to save the island from Robert Moses’ proposal to extend Ocean parkway from Jones Beach Island through FI as a route to the Hamptons. FINS, a unit of the National Park Service, is marking the anniversary with a slew of events.“It’s because the seashore is here that…the communities are still here as opposed to a four-lane highway that was going to go down the middle of this island,” Chris Soller, superintendent of FINS, reminded residents last month during a meeting of the Fire Island Association, an umbrella group of civic associations.But, not all communities were saved. Watch Hill—which also includes a 183-slip marina, seasonal restaurant and lifeguarded oceanfront beach—was built on what used to be Bayberry Dunes, one of three FI communities that were condemned when the national seashore was established. The other two, known as Whalehouse Point and Long Cove, have since been returned to their natural state.Backpackers walk off into the Fire Island wilderness to camp.The preservation ensured that beachgoers destined for Watch Hill—or most anywhere on FI—can only get there by boat, except Robert Moses State Park or Smith Point County Park on either end. Those who don’t have a private boat take the $9 half-hour ferry ride from Bay Shore, Sayville or, to get to Watch Hill, Patchogue.A ranger-run park interpretation center, camp general store and Tiki bar greet Watch Hill visitors upon stepping off the local ferry—named Quaiapen, after a famous Indian chief.“It’s not exactly like Cheers, but pretty close,” Pam Boyle, president of Friends of Watch Hill, a nonprofit that helps the park with beautification, said of fast friends made on the remote sliver of beach. “It’s a different destination location…it’s way more laid back.”That’s opposed to the Village of Ocean Beach, the island’s unofficial capital, 10 miles to the west, where homeowners regularly complain about the nearly dozen downtown bars that host a lively nightlife scene. Watch Hill has just one restaurant, The Pier at Watch Hill, which closes for the season Sept. 13 and reopens Memorial Day weekend, and a snack bar. The closest civilization is Davis Park, the easternmost residential community on FI, a 20-minute walk to the west, where there is also only one restaurant: The Casino.Boaters, campers, backpackers and day-tripping beachgoers mingle in the sandy paradise. After sundown, a hot topic at The Pier is when to catch the best view of the moon. A boater who often docks at the marina said the nickname regulars gave the campground is “Mosquito City.”Stories of the Watch Hill mosquitoes tend to scare potential campers from coming. Campers have abandoned their gear and fled the tiny biting insects, multiple visitors recalled. The insects are worse in this section of the island because there are no pesticides sprayed in the neighboring federal wilderness, which is why the Friends of Watch Hill ring the marina with mosquito magnets—devices that create a bayside protective barrier from the bugs.A nature trail winds through Watch Hill on Fire Island.Turner, the camp host, said some days are worse than others, depending upon weather conditions. But, despite widespread speculation that this summer was going to be really bad for mosquitoes across LI, even Watch Hill caught a break. The abundant amount of repellent—including citronella candles, mosquito nets, bug-repelling bracelets and a thermacell device—this reporter packed wound up being overkill.“Mosquitoes aren’t too bad this year,” said Soller, the superintendent. “Watch Hill, which is like, the worst, I’m hearing isn’t that bad.”Ironically, one of the lectures rangers offered was about “Our Friend The Mosquito.” That’s in addition to regularly scheduled canoe tours, wildlife lectures and hikes down the beach to see what’s left of The Bessie, a ship that ran aground on FI in 1922. Because there are only 26 campsites, it becomes much easier to reserve a space in the off-season—same as the super-popular Hither Hills State Park campground in Montauk.Like the rest of the barrier island, Watch Hill largely turns into a ghost town after Labor Day. The general store, open daily during summer, is only open weekends mid-September through mid-October. But, Turner the camp host said: “Everyone shares out here, if you need matches or coal.”Former longtime camp host Carmen Mejia, who retired two years ago after three decades, offered this advice—applicable to Watch Hill, all of FI and life in general—after packing up her tent for the last time: “You must always be helpful and happy,” she said, “even after your 4 a.m. wake-up call from the local birds!”For regularly scheduled free nature events at Watch Hill, Sailor’s Haven, the Fire Island Lighthouse and William Floyd Estate, visit the Fire Island National Seashore online events calendar.last_img read more

Is self-serve banking the new normal?

first_img 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Jason O’Brien As Director of Technology Strategies for SWBC’s Financial Institution Group, Jason is responsible for developing and launching new products and services that address financial institution needs and provide a … Web: www.swbc.com Details The current pandemic and its immediate aftermath have upended our daily lives. As social distancing measures begin to ease in some states, many of us are trying to figure out what our new normal is going to look like. While many uncertainties still lie ahead, keeping up with consumer trends in payment preferences is going to be very important, and credit unions that are able to adapt to the changing market will come out ahead.Today, credit unions have the opportunity to employ technology and self-serve channels that empower their members by helping them manage their banking needs while still staying safe. In this article, we’ll offer some tips on offering your members convenient self-serve options for payments and account access as we move forward into the new normal of a post-coronavirus reality.Social distancing and self-serve bankingToday’s “new normal” includes social distancing, self-servicing, online shopping, and working from home. Credit union members are not simply looking for a more convenient way to pay—they’re looking for a safer one. With branch lobbies closed down, employees and members working remotely, and entire states under various stages of lockdown, credit unions are being forced to adapt. Self-service payment channels are no longer just a convenience—for many, they are now a necessity.The trend toward self-service payments channels has been on the rise for years, particularly among younger members. In fact, more than 60% of American consumers reported their preference for digital self-serve tools for simple inquiries and actions.Some credit unions may be hesitant to jump too far into self-serve banking because they feel it infringes on the member service and human touch component of banking that makes a credit union so appealing to consumers in the first place. In reality, providing your members with the tools they need to make payments safely, conveniently, and with confidence during a time of crisis is an example of thoughtful member service.Flourishing in the “new normal”As credit unions adjust to having fewer customer support staff in-branch or at call centers to field support and service calls, providing self-serve payments options will be a key component of flourishing in the “new normal.” One way that we’ve seen clients reduce their in-house queue sizes and call volume is by implementing self-serve channels. Within a year of launching their new eServices platform, Financial Center First experienced a major reduction in the number of calls to their contact center. They also saw a 161% increase in payments processed through their self-service channels.Although social distancing measures are beginning to lift in some states, it’s going to be some time before branches fully reopen and all credit union employees are back to working on site. Leveraging self-service payments channels can help reduce call volume and wait times at your credit union, allowing your employees to provide the best service to your members.Trying to adapt to the many changes brought about by the pandemic while still providing stellar service is a big challenge that credit unions now face. While offering outstanding service may seem difficult during this time when we can’t interact face-to-face, providing your members with payments options they can access safely and conveniently use from home will add value to their banking experience.To learn more about how Financial Center First increased their total funded transactions through self-service channels by 161%, download the case study.last_img read more

Trump’s Wisconsin campaign workers recruit volunteers to commit election fraud in Pennsylvania

first_img“This seems deeply stupid as it seems to be a solicitation to commit voter fraud,” Richard Hasen, elections law specialist at the University of California, Irvine Law School, told the paper. “It’s hard to believe this is real.” It’s more likely an effort to try to spoil all the mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania by injecting these fraudulent ones into the mix so that the Trump campaign could have “real” evidence that there’s fraud to boost their chances of getting the Supreme Court to toss out the Pennsylvania results. Benjamin Geffen, an attorney with the Public Interest Law Center in Philadelphia, pointed this out: “If you’re knowingly encouraging people to mail in ballots after the deadline, you’re encouraging cheating,” Geffen said. “But maybe it’s just to muddy the waters.” He added: “I don’t know if it’s what you could call first degree misconduct, (trying to actually get invalid votes counted) or just second degree misconduct, trying to create perception the process is riddled with fraud.”Because Trump, his campaign, and the Supreme Court conservatives raised so much hell about the deadline for mail-in ballots being extended through end of the day Friday, Pennsylvania officials ordered counties to make sure those late-arriving ballots were segregated from Election Day ballots, to ensure they were walled off from Trumpian mischief. So you can bet these ballots are getting an awful lot of scrutiny, with their postmarks being closely checked and double-checked.- Advertisement – Meanwhile, a sweep of postal facilities on Thursday found 1,000 ballots in Philadelphia facilities and 300 in Pittsburgh. Since the Wisconsin Republican voter fraud initiative started Thursday, these are probably not those ballots.This is a deeply stupid effort, so much so that you have to wonder if Sen. Ron “Genius” Johnson in Wisconsin didn’t cook it up. It’s exposing potentially dozens of people to prosecution for election fraud. And it’s proving once again that systemic voter fraud is entirely manufactured by Republicans, to prove that voter fraud is a real thing. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Research on the trends of current hotel and camp booking trends

first_imgAt the beginning of the year, the company HD Consulting, in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, prepared an analysis that included assessment of the direct economic and fiscal effects of different VAT rates on a cumulative period of five years, comparing the rate in Croatia with competing Mediterranean countries and the rest of the European Union, which has raised a lot of dust in the profession.According to the results of the study and estimates of the fiscal effect of the existing rate, the state will start earning less at new rates from 2019 than at 2016. Also, the study of the VAT rate in tourism predicts 41% less investment and 71% less new employees by 2021.Research: Trends in current hotel and camp booking trendsEncouraged by inquiries from the tourism sector, this year HD Consulting decided to launch a new market research, especially because it is the only research in tourism that deals with the future – by moving the current trends of booking hotels and camps, and not by the past – by recording the achieved business results.In order to gain insight into current information from the tourism market, HD Consulting in early May 2018. conducted a primary survey on the current trend and state of booking hotels and camps in the regions of Croatia for 2018. A series of interviews were conducted with sales managers in a number of successful hotel and tourism companies with a portfolio of hotels and campsites. The research covered the coastal regions – Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia and Dubrovnik.The research showed that in general, booking in hotels and camps in the coastal area of ​​Croatia for 2018. overall better than last year at this time. Also, the growth rates of prices for 2018 compared to last year in the facilities in which investments were made, are higher and range on average from 7-10%Leading travel companies in hotels and campsites for 2018 have 10% to 15% better revenue in books in early May 2018 than in the same period last year. It is noticeable that booking from the German market is moving slower this year than last year, given that the market situation in Turkey is improving and much of the German market is returning to Turkey.Sanja Čižmar, Senior Partner of HD Consulting: Markets such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia recorded booking growth rates ranging from 40% to as much as 90% in the first quarter  We estimate that the current year in the tourism market in terms of sales will be very demanding due to the return to the tourism scene of competitors in the Eastern Mediterranean, which in re-conquering the market offer significant discounts and improve their air connections, says Sanja Čižmar, Senior Partner of HD Consulting. how with such actions traditional Mediterranean destinations, including Croatia, can hardly fight on an equal footing. “Markets such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia, which have had significantly reduced tourist arrivals in recent years, are returning to the big door and in the first quarter recorded booking growth rates ranging from 40% to as much as 90% more than last year. Some of the western Mediterranean destinations, such as Spain, are already signaling a decline in bookings compared to the same period last year, so we were interested in what trend is present in Croatia. Therefore, we have included sales managers in a number of hotel and tourism companies in the research of booking trends, focusing our interest on the current situation and trends in hotel and camp reservations. points out Čižmar.The results of the research showed that in general, booking in hotels and camps in the coastal area of ​​Croatia for 2018. overall better than last year at this time, which is encouraging given the current developments in the Mediterranean. “Interestingly, such a positive booking trend was achieved in a situation where, as expected, hotels and camps with competitive products for 2018 raised prices by an average of 4-5% compared to last year. This was a consequence of last year’s high level of demand, which is a significant step forward because in previous years they raised prices inflationarily (around 1,5-2%). Of course, hotels and campsites that are dependent on the German or British market are experiencing a relative reduction in bookings from these markets, which are once again turning to Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. Also, the schedule of holidays in our significant emitting markets, this year brings a slightly weaker booking for June and somewhat for July. pointed out Čižmar and added that there is a noticeable trend of deliberate slowdown in sales to large partners for the main season, leaving more capacity for individual guests who are a more lucrative segment for hoteliers due to higher prices compared to tour operators.In the end, Sanja Čižmar concludes that the booking situation for this season is encouraging at the moment, but the game has not yet been resolved for the very top of the season in which most businesses are generated (July and August) since a good part of the capacity is still unfilled. will depend on the demand of individual guests who have not yet made a reservation.Attachment:  SITUATION AND TRENDS IN BOOKING OF HOTELS AND CAMPSITES IN CROATIA 2018Related news: STUDY OF VAT RATE IN TOURISM FORECASTS 41% LESS INVESTMENT AND 71% LESS NEW EMPLOYEES BY 2021last_img read more

Ian Wright ‘uncomfortable’ with the way Unai Emery has managed Mesut Ozil

first_imgAdvertisement Ian Wright criticises Unai Emery’s treatment of Arsenal star Mesut Ozil Comment Advertisementcenter_img Mesut Ozil finally appears to have won the confidence of Unai Emery (Picture: Getty)Ian Wright admits he has been left feeling ‘uncomfortable’ by Unai Emery’s management of Mesut Ozil this season.The former Real Madrid playmaker is likely to start his first Premier League match since Boxing Day as Arsenal look to reclaim third place by avoiding defeat at Everton on Sunday.Ozil has been left out of high-profile matches this season for tactical reasons, while Emery has also been frustrated by a perceived lack of application in training and regular bouts of illness.The 30-year-old appears finally to have won the full confidence of Arsene Wenger’s successor, although club legend Wright feels the whole situation should have been handled better.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘The way he was being treated by Unai Emery – there was too much negativity around him,’ said Wright.‘He was trying, he does what he does and that’s how he plays. To leave him out completely and say the things he’s saying about tactically and his physicality I found that very uncomfortable‘I don’t think Mesut’s learned any lessons he will continue to play how he plays.Sorry, this video isn’t available any more.‘If you look at his stats he runs back as much as anyone else he does his fair share of that kind of stuff‘The way he plays he’s too good to not be involved at all. Whatever people are saying about that he doesn’t do it against the top six‘I’m not interested because against teams like Newcastle and the rest he will do it and that’s where you’re going to pick points up.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 6 Apr 2019 4:47 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy linklast_img read more