Gary Clark Jr. Ravages The LA Forum With His Blistering Blues “Come Together” Cover [Pro-Shot]

first_imgGary Clark Jr., one of the widely recognized modern torch-bearers of the blues, has already turned heads with his fuzzed-out, reimagined cover of The Beatles‘ “Come Together”. The fiery new take was used as the background music for trailers for the new Justice League film, which hits theaters this weekend. Clark also channeled his inner super hero for his own official music video for the single. Today, Billboard premiered a new pro-shot live video of Clark and his band performing the cover live at the LA Forum (while on tour with Eric Clapton) and, spoiler alert: it rocks even harder than the studio take.As Clark remarked to Billboard about the performance, “All I remember was this was a great night in L.A. playing with [Eric] Clapton,” Clark Jr. tells Billboard. “This version of ‘Come Together’ just felt right. We have a great time playing this song.” Check it out below:Watch Gary Clark Jr. lead his band through his blue-hot reimagining of The Beatles’ “Come Together” live at the L.A. forum via his YouTube page, courtesy of Billboard:Gary Clark Jr.’s Drops Justice League-Themed Music Video For His Heavy Take On “Come Together”With the film receiving its predicted middling-to-negative reviews, Clark may be the most exciting thing about the high-budget super hero release. Clark has previously spoken about his love of various superhero franchises, telling Airows, “Batman is my favorite superhero of all time. My mother had this black robe that I thought would be amazing for a cape. I ran around my neighborhood telling everybody I was Batman. Jump off my roof holding the cape thinking that I would fly and then just hit the ground.”You can also watch the official super-powered music video for Clark’s “Come Together” cover, which serves as the theme for the newly released Justice League film below:[h/t – Billboard]last_img read more

Trey Anastasio Trio Rocks Cleveland With TAB & Phish Favorites In Tour Opener [Videos]

first_imgThe Trey Anastasio Trio tour continues tonight in Grand Rapids, MI. For a full list of upcoming tour dates, head to Trey’s website. You can watch a selection of crowd-shot video footage from Trey Anastasio’s tour opener below via YouTube:Trey Anastasio Trio – “Camel Walk”[Video: TheKamherst]Trey Anastasio Trio – “Dark And Down“[Video: TheKamherst]Trey Anastasio Trio – “Bounce“ Following nearly a month of fanfare surrounding his temporary band lineup change, Trey Anastasio opened his spring 2018 solo tour with the Trey Anastasio Trio on Tuesday night at Cleveland, OH’s House of Blues. The trio, comprised of Anastasio, drummer Russ Lawton, and bassist Tony Markellis, is a throwback to the earliest iteration of Trey’s solo band, which came together after the three musicians first played together at a Vermont performance under the moniker 8 Foot Fluorescent Tubes exactly 20 years ago.The tour-commencing festivities saw Trey, Tony, and Russ get their footing in their trio formation. As expected, the band played a number of the TAB favorites which the three men helped introduce on their first tour together in 1999, from the opening “Gotta Jibboo” to the encore-closing “First Tube”. In between, the trio worked through familiar Trey tunes of a newer vintage (including “Everything’s Right”, “Bounce”, and the first rendition of “Soul Planet” since it anchored Phish‘s 2017 New Year’s gag); a number of Phish staples (like “Camel Walk”, “46 Days”, “Steam”, a solo acoustic “Waste”, and the Trey solo debut of “No Men In No Man’s Land”); a well-worn live cover (Los Lobos‘ “When The Circus Comes”); and much more.While the trio will surely take some time to get used to playing in this configuration once again, the first show of the tour showed incredible promise. Tony and Russ’s rock-solid yet fluidly floating rhythm section provided Trey a supple canvas on which to paint his fuzzed-out riffs, a thrilling vessel for his and raw rock and roll guitar firepower. This sound is a far cry from the polished and precise stylings of the modern Trey Anastasio Band. It’s gritty and unrefined, loose and comfortable–the sound of three old friends and collaborators getting together and rocking out in the garage for old time’s sake. Thankfully for us, they’re taking that garage-rock excitement and energy and putting it onstage for all to witness. [Video: TheKamherst]Trey Anastasio Trio – “46 Days”[Video: iccuspunk]Trey Anastasio Trio – “Water In The Sky”[Video: iccuspunk]Trey Anastasio Trio – “Sand”[Video: TheKamherst]Trey Anastasio Trio – “Waste” (Trey Solo Acoustic)[Video: iccuspunk]Trey Anastasio Trio – “First Tube” [Video: iccuspunk]Setlist: Trey Anastasio Trio | House of Blues | Cleveland, OH | 4/17/18Set 1: Gotta Jibboo, Tuesday, Everything’s Right, Camel Walk, When the Circus Comes [1], No Men In No Man’s Land[1], Dark and Down, Drifting, Pigtail, BounceSet 2: Soul Planet > 46 Days, Farmhouse, Steam, Night Speaks to a Woman, Water in the Sky, SandEncore: Waste [2], Heavy Things, First Tube[1] TAB debut.[2] Trey solo acoustic.This show featured the TAB debuts of When the Circus Comes and No Men In No Man’s Land. Trey teased Streets of Cairo in Camel Walk, San-Ho-Zay in Bounce, and Oye Como Va in Soul Planet. Waste was performed by Trey solo acoustic.last_img read more

The Festy Experience Enlists Greensky Bluegrass, Railroad Earth

first_imgThe Festy Experience has announced its initial lineup with headliners Greensky Bluegrass (Friday), Gillian Welch, Sam Bush Band (Saturday) and Railroad Earth (Sunday). The ninth edition of the gathering will return to Infinity Downs in Arrington, VA from October 5th through 7th. Other acts on the bill include Della Mae, Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, Nick Forster’s “Almost ETown”, Fruition, Carbon Leaf, Rubblebucket, Sons Of Bill, Bonnie Paine, and Hackensaw Boys.This year will mark the first installment of the Festy Experience without The Infamous Sitringdusters, who helped found the Virginia festival in 2010. The group, which headlined the first eight Festy Experiences, recently launched their own record label and picked up a Grammy for their 2017 album Laws of Gravity.Tickets for the 2018 Festy Experience are now on sale.last_img read more

INTERVIEW: Leftover Salmon Play “Interview Tag,” Talk Red Rocks, Shoes, & New Album

first_imgThere’s been quite a bit of buzz surrounding Leftover Salmon’s latest studio album, Something Higher. Last year, the group took some time away from touring to work with Steve Berlin of Los Lobos at WaveLab Studios in Tucson, Arizona. This album, in particular, is a true band collaboration—each member played a key role creating the arrangements for these new tunes, not just the veterans of the band, which has been around for nearly three decades.After involving Leftover Salmon frontman Vince Herman in a game of “interview tag” with Anders Beck, Billy Strings, and more at WinterWonderGrass, Live For Live Music contributor Tory Pittarelli was asked to curate another round of interview tag with the guys from Leftover, who she fondly refers to as the Merry Pranksters of Jamgrass. She began the “game” by asking a member of Leftover Salmon a couple questions, then they sent her on a mission to ask one of their bandmates a question of their choosing. Read on below for Leftover Salmon’s game of interview tag, and for more information about the band and their upcoming tour dates, head here.Tory Pittarelli: People always say that being in a band is like being in a marriage. Leftover Salmon is coming up on its 30th anniversary as a band. How have 30 years of marriage treated you guys?Drew Emmitt: Great! We’ve never had a knock-down drag-out. There are always going to be disagreements, but for the most part, we’ve gotten along pretty well. I think one thing that has helped is having different people come in and out of the band. It hasn’t been the same band the whole time. It has been Vince [Herman] and me the whole time, but I think it’s refreshing to have different people join the band—I think it helps. It helps break up the monotony of the marriage.Tory: With the release of your 10th studio album coming up on May 4th, Something Higher…Drew: Is it that many?! Did you count the album with Cracker? It’s 11 if you count that. [Editor’s note: Leftover Salmon did a studio album called O’ Cracker Where Art Thou? in 2003, featuring two members of Cracker—David Lowery and Johnny Hickman—with musical accompaniment by Leftover Salmon.]Tory: With the release of your 11th album coming up on May 4th, Something Higher, you guys are no strangers to time in the studio. What have you learned about how to make the best use of the short amount of time you get to record in the studio together?Drew: [laughs] Relax. Have fun. It’s no big deal, just enjoy it.Tory: By now, you guys probably know everything there is to know about one another, and even things you don’t want to know. But you can send me to ask anyone in your band any question in the world. So what can I do for you?Drew: Ask Vince if he knows where I can get a chocolate-bacon, sock-monkey thong.***Tory: Hello Vince. Drew would like to know where he can get a chocolate-bacon, sock-monkey thong.Vince Herman: [without missing a beat] Chocolate-bacon, sock-monkey thongs are available at the Floyd Fest over there in the West Virginia section of the country. Scott and Nellie Coffman have a hillbilly gypsy kind of band over there. They’re the inventors of the chocolate-bacon, sock-monkey thong. As you can imagine, the chocolate-bacon, sock-monkey thong is kinda funky, you know? It’s rare for a funk eruption high on a Virginia mountaintop, but there you go!Tory: Is there only one?Vince: It’s like when a joke comes up about modern times, and it erupts spontaneously in a couple different places at the same time. It’s there in the gestalt of the mind of our culture. That’s where I think it comes from. What are we talking about again?Tory: Oh, nothing… [laughs] Moving on! What was the process like for you guys when putting together this album? Was it more pulling songs together that have been written over time, or was it more about writing songs for the concept of the album?Vince: Oh, it was definitely writing for the record, but not in a cohesive way or any strung-together concept or anything. But yeah, we don’t write a whole lot, or at least I don’t. The tunes were definitely written for the record. I’m going to start writing more though, dang it!Tory: So the album is called Something Higher. Does weed help you write, or make it more difficult?Vince: I forget.Tory: By now, you know the drill since this is our second round of interview tag together. What would you like to know from a fellow band member?Vince: I’d like to ask Alwyn Robinson who his main influences are when it comes to tennis-shoe choice. Well, not necessarily tennis shoes. Other shoes too. Just say shoe choices. As far as the band goes, footwear-wise, I think Alwyn is the most advanced player in the band. Sartorially, Erik Deutsch raises the level pretty high, but I think Alwyn wins it on the footwear.Tory: I would love to investigate this for you.Vince: These are important details.***Tory: Alwyn, who are your main influences when it comes to footwear?Alwyn: I love, first and foremost, shoes. I’ve heard it’s a Pisces thing, or at least, I’m going to tell everyone that it’s a Pisces thing so that everyone starts using that as an excuse to love shoes as well if they’re Pisces. I’m going to have to go with my cousin Josh in New Orleans. He’s a very, very sharp dresser. He always, regardless of how rugged everything else is on his body, takes care of his shoes. He always says that your shoes are the things that carry you through the day. He says he’ll make sure that if everything else is fucked up, his shoes will be nice because that’s going to remind him that shoes are what keep it together—physically and mentally. So yeah, I’m going to go with Josh.Tory: Hats off to you, Josh. Or shoes. Wherever you are. If you could have had any musician come into the studio and play on a track on Something Higher—let’s narrow it down and say they have to be alive and well—who would it be?Alwyn: Derek Trucks. I didn’t get put on to Tedeschi Trucks Band until maybe two years ago. I had a buddy tell me about this live record that they have, Everybody’s Talking, and I’ve played that record at least every other day for the past couple years—it’s ridiculous. Derek Trucks’ soloing on that is insane. That guy makes you listen, I mean they’re all the same way, but I would choose Derek because I’m attached to the sound of his instrument. All the musicians in that band make you listen with the same intensity, but Derek Trucks, he is incredible. His vibe, everything about him, seems humble and modest. He’s obviously listening to everyone, just as much as we are listening to him, because he’s such a great musician.Tory: Is there a particular track you think his playing would be the best fit for?Alwyn: Drew [Emmitt’s] tune, “Astral Traveler”.Tory: Oh right, the Colonel Bruce track. That would be perfect.Alwyn: Actually, I’m gonna go with two choices. Also, Greg [Garrison’s] tune “Analog”. Slide would be killing on that. It would fit the vibe very well.Tory: Let’s just get Derek to sit in with you guys in Telluride. Maybe we can make it happen.Alwyn: That would be a dream come true. That’d be amazing to share the stage with him.Tory: So you get to ask anybody anything. What’s it gonna be?Alwyn: Ask Andy Thorn what his favorite geographical region to hike within the United States is and why.***Tory: Andy! Alwyn’s got a question for you.Andy Thorn: Uh oh.Tory: Yeah, it’s a rough one. What is your favorite geographical region to hike within the United States, and why?Andy: Whoa. Now, this I’m interested in. I thought it was gonna be boring.Tory: Not today.Andy: I don’t know! I mean, I love Colorado. It could be anything. Maybe I’ll say the Tetons. The Tetons are sick. Cecilia and I did a backpacking trip there. One of my friends is a park ranger there, so we got to stay in a ranger cabin like five miles in, which the public can’t do, so that was pretty damn cool.Tory: I’m visiting friends up there this summer, so I’m gonna have to ask you where to hike when I go.Andy: If you can, visit Lake Solitude. It’s pretty deep in there, but it’s fucking amazing. We actually caught tons of fish unexpectedly, so bring a pole. If we caught fish, anyone can catch fish.Tory: Gonna feel like a real pile if I don’t catch one. So playing Red Rocks probably never gets old. To make this one even more special, you got to play with Phil Lesh & the Terrapin Family Band. Was this once one of your wildest dreams?Andy: I thought that was the best Red Rocks that we’ve had. All our Red Rocks shows have been really fun. My first was with Greensky Bluegrass. We sold out, and that was really fun because those guys are just our friends, you know? I’ve known them almost since the beginning of their band—before they even had Anders [Beck]. So that was really cool, just to be there with all our buddies. But to do it with Phil Lesh was even cooler, because he’s one of the most legendary musicians in our genre. He almost created the scene, you know, so getting to open for those guys there was incredibly cool.Tory: It was a big surprise for everybody I think when you guys started Phil Lesh’s set all together. I definitely expected you guys to come out together, but I imagined that happening at the end. It was really fucking cool for the Phil set to kick off with your entire band on stage with them.Andy: Yeah, it was really cool that they did the reverse sit-in flow. I love it. Usually you sit in at the end of the show, but this time it was like, “Oh yeah, you guys are going to play at the beginning!” That was great for us because then we got to hang out and party the rest of the time. It was perfect.Tory: So that Phil’s idea?Andy: Yep, we did not request to do that, believe it or not. The setlist was like that when we got there, and we were stoked.Tory: Let’s talk about Telluride! I’m already way excited about it. Do you have any favorite band memories from the festival?Andy: A lot of favorite memories are from Telluride Bluegrass. One of the coolest watching-music-at-Telluride moments was the year Robert Plant played. It was snowing during his set, and it was so freaking awesome. Everyone was totally blown away by it. That was one of the best shows I’ve seen at Telluride. It’s always fun when our friends’ bands are there. Mandolin Orange has been there. The Infamous Stringdusters, Greensky—we all just kind of came up together, so being there all together is pretty neat at this point… But the best part is the campsite jams of course.Tory: It’ll be here before we know it. See you at Camp Howdy!Leftover Salmon has plans for a huge 2018. In addition to the recent release of their new album, Something Higher, the beloved jamgrass ensemble has announced an extensive summer tour in support of their new studio album. Furthermore, the band has recently announced the second-annual return of their Fish Out Of Water Festival, which will take place in Taos, New Mexico, on August 10th and 11th with Dumpstaphunk, Cracker’s David Lowery and Johnny Hickman (formerly of Cracker), Trout Steak Revival, and more. For more information about Leftover Salmon’s summer plans and Something Higher, head to their website here.last_img read more

Tedeschi Trucks Band & Drive-By Truckers Trade Sit-Ins As ‘Wheels Of Soul’ Hits Tuscaloosa

first_imgSetlist: Tedeschi Trucks Band | Tuscaloosa Amphitheater | Tuscaloosa, AL | 6/30/18Set: Show Me, Do I Look Worried, Midnight In Harlem, Just As Strange, Don’t Know What It Means, Shame, How Blue Can You Get?, I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free, I Want MoreEncore: A Song For You, Bound For Glory On Friday night, Tedeschi Trucks Band rolled into Tuscaloosa, AL’s with The Marcus King Band and Drive-By Truckers for the second stop on their 2018 Wheels of Soul tour following Thursday’s tour opener in Jacksonville.After an opening set by Marcus King and company, Drive-By Truckers took the stage for their performance. While it customarily takes a few shows for everyone to get comfortable with their Wheels of Soul touring partners before commencing with the sit-ins, the second night of the run saw the mix-and-matching begin early. Midway through the Truckers’ set, Patterson Hood welcomed out a slew of guests for a cover of Eddie Hinton‘s “Everybody Needs Love”, including his father and Muscle Shoals legend David Hood as well as Derek Trucks, Mike Mattison, Mark Rivers, and Alecia Chakour of Tedeschi Trucks Band. Watch fan-shot footage of the collab below:Drive-By Truckers w/ David Hood, Derek Trucks, Mike Mattison, Mark Rivers, Alecia Chakour – “Everybody Needs Love” (Eddie Hinton cover)[Video: Matt Williamson]Setlist: Drive-By Truckers | Tuscaloosa Amphitheater | Tuscaloosa, AL | 6/30/18Set: Ramon Casiano, Lookout Mountain, Uncle Frank, Babies In Cages, Shit Shots Count, Ronnie and Neil, Women Without Whiskey, Everybody Needs Love (Eddie Hinton cover), Filthy and Fried, The Righteous Path, A Ghost to Most, Let There Be RockTedeschi Trucks Band later took the stage for their headlining set, opening with a cover of Joe Tex‘s “Show Me” for their second time in as many days, though only their third time ever. The show kept charging forward with a run of TTB favorites new and old including “Do I Look Worried”, “Midnight In Harlem”, “Just As Strange”, “Don’t Know What It Means”, and “Shame”, followed by a rendition of blues standard “How Blue Can You Get?”With the “wheels” already greased during Drive-By Truckers’ set, TTB welcomed out Patterson and David Hood to sit in on Cowboy/Gregg Allman tune “All My Friends”, and keep the “freight train” running through their cover of Bob Dylan‘s “Down In The Flood”. Finally, the set came to a close with a soulful rendition of Billy Taylor‘s “I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free” and a rocking “I Want More”, before a “Bound For Glory” encore closed another fantastic night of music.You can check out photos of the traded sit-ins below via Tedeschi Trucks Band on Facebook. The Wheels of Soul tour is bound for Charleston, SC tonight, July 1st, followed by a performance at Saratoga Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, July 3rd. For a full list of upcoming dates, head here.last_img read more

Elton John Adds 25 New Dates To “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” Final Tour

first_imgElton John – Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour – Newly Added Dates9/4/19 – Salt Lake City @ Vivint Smart Home Arena9/6/19 – Las Vegas @ T-Mobile Arena9/7/19 – Las Vegas @ T-Mobile Arena9/17/19 – Tacoma @ Tacoma Dome9/18/19 – Tacoma @ Tacoma Dome9/21/19 – Vancouver @ Rogers Arena9/22/19 – Vancouver @ Rogers Arena9/27/19 – Edmonton @ Rogers Place9/28/19 – Edmonton@ Rogers Place10/1/19 – Saskatoon @ Sasktel Centre10/2/19 – Saskatoon @ Sasktel Centre10/4/19 – Winnipeg @ Bell MTS Place10/5/19 – Winnipeg @ Bell MTS Place10/22/19 – Toronto* @ Scotiabank Arena10/23/19 -Toronto* @ Scotiabank Arena10/25/19 – Indianapolis @ Bankers Life Fieldhouse10/26/19 – Nashville*** @ Bridgestone Arena10/30/19 – Memphis @ FedExForum11/6/19 – Charlotte* @ Spectrum Center11/8/19 – Philadelphia @ Wells Fargo Center11/9/19 – Philadelphia @ Wells Fargo Center11/12/19 – Cleveland**** @ Quicken Loans Arena11/13/19 – Pittsburgh**@ PPG Paints Arena11/15/19 – Boston**@ TD Garden11/16/19 – Long Island** @ NYCB Live, home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum*Toronto’s public sale is Oct 12**Pittsburgh, Boston and Long Island’s public sale is Oct 19***Nashville’s public sale is Nov 9****Cleveland’s public sale is Nov 16View Newly Added Tour Dates Elton John is preparing to hang up his proverbial sequin suit, but not until after a (very) lengthy worldwide farewell tour, dubbed Farewell Yellow Brick Road. Announced at the beginning of this year, the 300-date Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour will see John perform virtually everywhere and span through the year 2021. The swing began on September 8th in Allentown, PA, and just a few weeks in, it’s already getting longer: This week, Elton John added 25 new 2019 dates to the already-extensive tour.As Elton John noted when initially announcing the tour, “My priorities have changed in my life. … My priorities now are my children, my husband, my family. I thought the time is right to say thank you to my fans and say goodbye.”Tickets for the newly added venues will go on sale beginning on October 5th at 10 a.m. local time. An American Express Card Member pre-sale period will take place from Thursday, October 4th at 10 a.m. through Monday at 10 p.m.To purchase your tickets for the newly added dates when they go on sale, head to Elton John’s website. You can see the complete list of newly added North American shows below:last_img read more

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Releases Eugene, OR Soundboard For ‘Taper Friday’

first_imgFor the 90th edition of Joe Russo’s Almost Dead‘s Taper Friday, the Grateful Dead-inspired fan-favorite artist has released the soundboard recording from their performance at Eugene, OR’s McDonald Theatre earlier in August. During the performance, the band led by drummer Joe Russo played a scorching four-song first set, as well as standout renditions of “Crazy Fingers” and “Tennessee Jed”.Joe Russo’s Almost Dead opened up their show at Eugene, Oregon’s McDonald Theatre in style. The first set contained four other-worldly jams, kicking off with “The Wheel” which was highlighted by a solo from keyboardist Marco Benevento. “Uncle John’s Band” brought out the best in bassist Dave Dreiwitz, keeping charge through “Dancing In The Streets” which featured a Dire Straits jam on “Money For Nothing”. The set closed with a heart-warming take on “Eyes Of The World”.The second, extended set got going with a “Crazy Fingers” > “Estimated Prophet” > “Ramble On Rose” segment, which featured a “Playin In The Band” tease from guitarist Tom Hamilton and a “Tennessee Jed” tease from Marco Benevento. A crowd-pleasing “Duo Jam” came next, a nod to the earlier days between drummerJoe Russo and keyboardist Marco Benevento, which segued into a “Yazoo Street Scandal” by The Band. From there, “Tennessee Jed” emerged and led into “Music Never Stopped”, highlighted by another barn-burning solo from bassist Dave Dreiwitz. “The Eleven” and “Music Never Stopped Reprise” closed the set. The band returned for a rare take on Muddy Waters‘ “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” to close the show, which had not been played since the band’s run at Brooklyn Bowl in 2017.You can listen to the audio from the show below, which was released today as the 90th edition of Taper Friday.Joe Russo’s Almost Dead – 8/11/2018 (Full-Show Audio)[Audio: Peter Costello]Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | McDonald Theatre | Eugene, OR |8/11/18I: The Wheel @ > Uncle John’s Band #, Dancing In The Streets $ > Eyes Of The WorldII: Crazy Fingers -> Estimated Prophet -> Ramble On Rose ^ Duo Jam -> Yazoo Street Scandal -> Tennessee Jed > Music Never Stopped & -> The Eleven -> Music Never Stopped RepriseE: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl *@ – With a MB Solo# – With a DD Solo$ – With a “Money For Nothing” (Dire Straits) Jam and a DD Solo^ – With a Playin In the Band Tease (TH) a Tennessee Jed Tease (MB)& – With a DD Solo* – Not played by Almost Dead since 2017-10-12 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY a gap of 37 showslast_img read more

Dave Matthews Discusses Charitable Work & Retirement Plans On ‘CBS This Morning’ [Watch]

first_imgOn a recent episode of CBS This Morning, host John Dickerson visited Dave Matthews in his hometown of Charlottesville, VA to discuss an array of intriguing topics, including those that hit-home with the South African-born rockstar. Matthews yields an undeniable strength in bringing people together, and Dave Matthews Band has made a habit of giving away its good fortune. The band recently committed $5,000,000 to reimagine public housing in Charlottesville, including fixing up an apartment building downtown. Dave and his bandmates plan to replace every public housing unit in the city of Charlottesville, all 376 of them.Dickerson began the interview by discussing Charlottesville being hit in the face with racism and white supremacists in the summer of 2017. He asked, “How did that make you feel?” as Matthews explained:I don’t know if it’s an irony, but I was in South Africa with family when this happened. (Chokes up and takes a moment to recompose himself) My friend gave me a call and said, ‘I Just think I witnessed a murder, I think I’ve just witnessed a hate crime.’ It’s very hard when you look at what happened in this town, the destruction of a beautiful possibility. It broke my heart to see this happen, but I do think that we can make some beautiful progress out of that.Dickerson continued, “Where did this all come from?” in which Matthews responded:Good luck. I’ve been incredibly lucky. My mom is an extremely generous soul, and I’ve been lucky enough to grow up around generous people. It feels like I already have too much, so it’s such an opportunity to feel better and give something away. I always try to give money to people who have their hands out or a little cardboard sign, because I think, ‘I could be sitting myself right there if I weren’t so lucky.’ People always remind me that they’re probably going to spend that on booze, and I respond, ‘So…?’ That’s what I would probably spend it on. Go get a beer, go get a sandwich, or get a sandwich and a beer. It’s not up to me, but that temporary solution is fine until we figure out a more sustainable solution. I will buy that person a beer because I can afford to buy them a beer. I will then try to find a way for that person to not have to sit on the street with dirty socks on.When asked, “Explain to me the joy in playing music?” Matthews responded:When it’s perfect it’s like being lifted out of your body, and not being there anymore. It feels so good.Dickerson finished off the segment by asking, “Are you going to be touring until they pull your boots off? in which Matthews responded:I don’t know, I have no idea. I dream about going and living in a hut in Kenya, and growing my facial hair. I always think about something else. Maybe I’ll go into a room and paint pictures until I die. I always think about what else I wanna do, but I feel very grateful for being able to make a noise with people that want to make a noise. I don’t have any immediate plans to stop doing this, because it’s a beautiful opportunity.Watch the full four-part CBS This Morning segment below:Dave Matthews on CBS This Morning (Part 1)[Video: CBS This Morning]Dave Matthews on CBS This Morning (Part 2)[Video: CBS This Morning]Dave Matthews on CBS This Morning (Part 3)[Video: CBS This Morning]Dave Matthews on CBS This Morning (Part 4)[Video: CBS This Morning][H/T JamBase]last_img read more

Will Forte Shares Recreations Of Classic Album Covers During Appearance On ‘The Tonight Show’ [Watch]

first_imgActor Will Forte was one of the featured guests on Tuesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he regaled the host and his audience with stories of his love for Ozzy Osbourne to go with a visual recap of a recent trip throughout the Irish countryside.Forte began his guest segment on the popular late-night show by explaining that his initial reason for making the trip overseas last month was to attend one of the shows on Ozzy’s No More Tours II Tour. Those initial run of European dates were postponed in late-January due to Osbourne’s health, forcing Forte and his companions to find new ways to keep themselves entertained while in Ireland without a concert to attend. Forte went on to further explain how the sight-seeing portion of their trip ended up involving recreations of well-known classic album covers, starting with Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy, which was based around the natural landscape of Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.Related: Watch Will Forte’s Hilarious Parody Of Gregg Allman on “The Tonight Show” With Jimmy FallonForte and his friend found almost the exact location of the landscape where the original album artwork was framed, only to create their own interpretation with a nearly-naked Forte as the stand-in. Other classic album covers which Forte and his friends reworked included The Beatles‘ Abby Road, U2‘s The Joshua Tree, and Nirvana’s Nevermind. Fans can check out the video of last night’s interview segment below to hear Forte explain how his latest hobby came about.Will Forte Interview – The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon[Video: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon]Speaking of Ozzy Osbourne, the famous singer was forced to be hospitalized (again) last week due to complications from what initially was diagnosed as the flu. Osbourne has since been released back into the wild and his tour is scheduled to start up again on Sunday, March 9th beginning with the leg of shows in Australia. Fans can head over to Osbourne’s website for ticket info.last_img read more

Joe Russo Releases New Solo Album, ‘phér•bŏney’ [Listen]

first_imgDrummer Joe Russo (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead) has released a new album of solo material, phér•bŏney. The album was recorded by Russo at Woodlot Recording in Brooklyn, NY, with additional recording and mixing/mastering by D. James Goodwin at The Isokon in Woodstock, NY.Each of the album’s nine tracks was written and performed by Russo, with several songs also featuring work by Joe’s various regular collaborators. “phér•bŏney love theme” features tenor sax from Erik Lawrence. “Can’t Wink” features Robbie Mangano on baritone guitar and synth bass. “Molly & Anni” features Mangano on electric, acoustic, and baritone guitars as well as Stuart Bogie on tenor sax. “Perfectabilitarians” again features Mangano on electric and acoustic guitar and piano with Jon Shaw also playing electric and upright bass. “The Wow! Signal” features Josh Kaufman on electric guitar and bass and Stuart Bogie on tenor sax. “Waters of March” is the sole song on the album not written by Russo, with music and lyrics credited toAntônio Carlos Jobim.The sonically avant-garde jazz fusion record plays with a litany of ethereal, ambient tones and genre-bending sensibilities—a welcome change of pace for drummer most frequently heard these days playing music from the Grateful Dead‘s rock and roll repertoire with JRAD.You can listen to Joe Russo’s new album, phér•bŏney, below via Spotify or YouTube:Joe Russo – phér•bŏney – Full Album You can also check out a full tracklisting and album cover art designed by Baptiste Ibar below.Joe Russo – phér•bŏney – Album Tracklisting1. phér•bŏney love theme2. Can’t Wink3. Molly & Anni4. Perfectabilitarians5. Waters of March6. You’re So Delicate7. Wild8. Elf/Man9. The Wow! SignalView TracklistingJoe Russo will be back in action out west with Joe Russo’s Almost Dead at the end of this month. On Friday, May 31st, JRAD will perform at the Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene, OR. The band will continue their weekend run from there with shows at Redmond, WA’s Marymoor Amphitheater on Saturday, June 1st, and at Bonner-west Riverside, MT’s KettleHouse Amphitheater on Sunday, June 2nd.For a full list of Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s upcoming tour dates, head to the band’s website here.last_img read more