Paco López: “It is not easy to win the big two in one season”

first_imgSystem: “I commented in the previous one. Against these teams is what the rival lets you do. We would like to take the initiative more and not defend so close to our area, but Madrid forces you. And since we do it we had to do it well We have been aggressive in duels and we have been winners. “Bruno: “No, technical decision, today we considered that Bruno had to be at the start and has made a great game. With a good management with Postigo and doing things well in the last meters. We needed a lot of intelligence.”Shutter: “He has been doing some sensational games. I would say a few seasons. I know there is a lot of talk about centrals and I am very happy with what I have. Postigo has shown again because he is a starter in this team.”Morales: “I understand that it is not easy to see Morales every year every game and some downturn he had to have. He is a player with a commitment to the team and the club and in the end you have to have confidence in him. Not because he has made the goal. You have to see him train. When someone trains like him things have to come out. It is very important for this team and starting from the bench. “Defending: “Yes, I already said that the team wanted to try to keep the hallmarks. That DNA is marked by the characteristics of the players. It is a risk to play with so many offensive players, but there is the collective work and we have done it.” Reflection: “Well, we are very happy with the truth about the costumes and the fans. It is not easy to win the two greats, Barça and Madrid in one season. I think we have to have more faith in this team, that we have it. But we are so suffering … “Overall rating: “The second part I think we have arrived more than once. We are the Levante and we just need to get more from us than they did. It was a game to suffer. The effort has to be maximum and there are times where you have a bad time. They have great players who they are capable of generating superiority from the outside, but the team has made a tremendous effort and we have defended well in the area. In the final moment the team has been sensational. In the first one it cost us but in the break we have talked that we should give a step forward and the team in the second has had more ease and has believed in harming Madrid. In order to beat them, they have to give all the circumstances, be successful and that they do not have the day. “Melero: “We wanted a break in the middle of the field, a lot of people accumulate there. We needed oxygen, that’s the reality. We needed someone to give Nikola a break and with the ball we could hurt with Bardhi and Campaign more advanced.”last_img read more