Counterstrike now has an Osama Bin Laden compound map

first_imgIt was inevitable if you think about it. The world’s number one terrorist was killed by a group of U.S. soldiers entering a compound and taking out the enemy. It sounds just like a map and scenario from your favorite FPS, and now it has become a map for one of the most popular multiplayer shooters out there: Valve’s CounterStrike.The map carries the name fy_abbottabad due to the fact it is based on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. It has been created by a map builder going by the name of Fletch and is usable as both a bomb and hostage map.Although the exterior may look similar to what we’ve seen on the news, Fletch points out it’s only really the location that’s the same. Unless detailed plans have appeared of the compound on the Internet, we think the interior is going to be setup to be a good map rather than true to the layout the U.S. soldiers had to navigate through.If you play Counterstrike and want to try this map out it is available as a free 1MB download from GameBanana.via The Daily WhatMatthew’s OpinionI doubt this will be the last map we see carrying a name and location similar to that of Osama’s compound. If detailed plans do get posted somewhere you can pretty much guarantee someone will create a perfect recreation of the building and surrounding landscape. If nothing else, some gamers will want to see exactly what had to be navigated before Osama Bin Laden was located and shot.Is it in bad taste? I think the majority of gamers will think not. The news of his death is still a big talking point and received a lot of coverage. It’s only natural that people will want to know more and see where Osama has been hiding out for years. The fact there are tools available to recreate the building just make for another way to experience it first hand.last_img read more