Research on the trends of current hotel and camp booking trends

first_imgAt the beginning of the year, the company HD Consulting, in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, prepared an analysis that included assessment of the direct economic and fiscal effects of different VAT rates on a cumulative period of five years, comparing the rate in Croatia with competing Mediterranean countries and the rest of the European Union, which has raised a lot of dust in the profession.According to the results of the study and estimates of the fiscal effect of the existing rate, the state will start earning less at new rates from 2019 than at 2016. Also, the study of the VAT rate in tourism predicts 41% less investment and 71% less new employees by 2021.Research: Trends in current hotel and camp booking trendsEncouraged by inquiries from the tourism sector, this year HD Consulting decided to launch a new market research, especially because it is the only research in tourism that deals with the future – by moving the current trends of booking hotels and camps, and not by the past – by recording the achieved business results.In order to gain insight into current information from the tourism market, HD Consulting in early May 2018. conducted a primary survey on the current trend and state of booking hotels and camps in the regions of Croatia for 2018. A series of interviews were conducted with sales managers in a number of successful hotel and tourism companies with a portfolio of hotels and campsites. The research covered the coastal regions – Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia and Dubrovnik.The research showed that in general, booking in hotels and camps in the coastal area of ​​Croatia for 2018. overall better than last year at this time. Also, the growth rates of prices for 2018 compared to last year in the facilities in which investments were made, are higher and range on average from 7-10%Leading travel companies in hotels and campsites for 2018 have 10% to 15% better revenue in books in early May 2018 than in the same period last year. It is noticeable that booking from the German market is moving slower this year than last year, given that the market situation in Turkey is improving and much of the German market is returning to Turkey.Sanja Čižmar, Senior Partner of HD Consulting: Markets such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia recorded booking growth rates ranging from 40% to as much as 90% in the first quarter  We estimate that the current year in the tourism market in terms of sales will be very demanding due to the return to the tourism scene of competitors in the Eastern Mediterranean, which in re-conquering the market offer significant discounts and improve their air connections, says Sanja Čižmar, Senior Partner of HD Consulting. how with such actions traditional Mediterranean destinations, including Croatia, can hardly fight on an equal footing. “Markets such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia, which have had significantly reduced tourist arrivals in recent years, are returning to the big door and in the first quarter recorded booking growth rates ranging from 40% to as much as 90% more than last year. Some of the western Mediterranean destinations, such as Spain, are already signaling a decline in bookings compared to the same period last year, so we were interested in what trend is present in Croatia. Therefore, we have included sales managers in a number of hotel and tourism companies in the research of booking trends, focusing our interest on the current situation and trends in hotel and camp reservations. points out Čižmar.The results of the research showed that in general, booking in hotels and camps in the coastal area of ​​Croatia for 2018. overall better than last year at this time, which is encouraging given the current developments in the Mediterranean. “Interestingly, such a positive booking trend was achieved in a situation where, as expected, hotels and camps with competitive products for 2018 raised prices by an average of 4-5% compared to last year. This was a consequence of last year’s high level of demand, which is a significant step forward because in previous years they raised prices inflationarily (around 1,5-2%). Of course, hotels and campsites that are dependent on the German or British market are experiencing a relative reduction in bookings from these markets, which are once again turning to Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. Also, the schedule of holidays in our significant emitting markets, this year brings a slightly weaker booking for June and somewhat for July. pointed out Čižmar and added that there is a noticeable trend of deliberate slowdown in sales to large partners for the main season, leaving more capacity for individual guests who are a more lucrative segment for hoteliers due to higher prices compared to tour operators.In the end, Sanja Čižmar concludes that the booking situation for this season is encouraging at the moment, but the game has not yet been resolved for the very top of the season in which most businesses are generated (July and August) since a good part of the capacity is still unfilled. will depend on the demand of individual guests who have not yet made a reservation.Attachment:  SITUATION AND TRENDS IN BOOKING OF HOTELS AND CAMPSITES IN CROATIA 2018Related news: STUDY OF VAT RATE IN TOURISM FORECASTS 41% LESS INVESTMENT AND 71% LESS NEW EMPLOYEES BY 2021last_img read more