How to read Kindle books on your Nook Color

first_imgIf I was asked to recommend an e-reader right now, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest the latest generation Kindle. It has a great screen for reading, long battery life, and very large selection of books offered through Amazon.But for some people, the color-less screen of the Kindle isn’t good enough, and they want a bit of color for those publications that can take advantage of it. So the Nook Color becomes an option. The only problem being you can’t gain access to that same large book catalog Kindle owners get.AdChoices广告Well, that’s no longer the case, and unlocking access to Kindle books on your Nook Color is now very easy. Andrei Pushkin has written a detailed guide as to how exactly you can do this over at the Unofficial Blog Kindle (link below).The method of unlocking your Nook Color for Kindle access is made simple by two factors. The first is that the Nook Color is just an Android device controlled by Barnes & Noble software, and the second is that rooting your Nook Color is quite easy. Once you’ve rooted and turned your device into a standard Android tablet, it’s possible to access the Android Market and download the Kindle App.You also don’t have to stop at just accessing Kindle books. Once rooted, the Nook Color can be used with a range of different Android apps, the full list of which can be found at nookDevs.Get full instructions on how to do this at the Unofficial Kindle BlogMatthew’s OpinionAmazon will have no issue with your running the Kindle app on your Nook Color. It essentially means new customers for its e-book store even if those people haven’t bought a Kindle. If Amazon had an issue with that it wouldn’t have released the Kindle app for most portable devices currently on the market.Barnes & Noble on the other hand won’t like this at all. They don’t want e-books bought from Amazon, they want the revenue coming to them instead. But there’s little they can do to stop it, and should see it as a feature that has the potential to sell more hardware than content.If you try this on your Nook Color let us know how you get on. We expect it to be quite a pleasant Kindle app viewing experience.last_img read more