Far right call to arms against Union protests

first_imgFar right groups have called for a campaign targeting students who demonstrate against Nick Griffin and David Irving’s appearances at the Oxford Union in two weeks time.Anti-fascist and student groups claim that students could be attacked on the day of the free speech forum in eighth week, and an Oxford student blogger has been sent death threats by neo-Nazi groups on the Internet.Blogs on fascist websites have called for supporters to congregate in Oxford during the debate and to challenge protesters. One blogger on fascist website ‘Survive or Die 14’ issued “a call to all right minded British patriots,” saying, “Plans have been made by every scum group in the area and around the country to try and disrupt this event. The brainless bullies of the left along with the self interested from various ‘minority’ groups will all descend on the town on that day in an attempt to stifle free speech.“It is time that UK Nationalists showed these filthy vermin that we will not bow to threats of violence and bully boy tactics. In my own opinion we should be there on the 26th, not to stoop to the level of the scum by committing acts of violence. Our aim should be to let David Irving and anyone else who the reds attempt to stifle [know] that we are prepared to support them.”Steven Altman-Richer, co-President of the Oxford University Jewish Society, said this was a clear indication of plans to intimidate student groups.“We feel that this shows an actualised threat that fascist supporters will descend on Oxford for Irving and Griffin’s talk, therefore putting the safety of Oxford students at risk,” he said. “We are extremely concerned…not just for the safety of the Jewish community but for all minorities and all students.”Sabby Dhula, co-ordinator of the national group Unite Against Fascism, also said that students were in danger and called on the Union to cancel the forum.“We are very concerned for the safety of students, staff and all at Oxford University. A Neo-Nazi group is threatening to attack those who oppose the Oxford Union debate with the BNP.”“The BNP is participating in a supposed civilised debate at Oxford, in order to give itself the sheen of legitimacy, when its stated aim of an all white Britain would only be achievable through violence, and its members have criminal convictions for violence and racism. We therefore call on the Oxford Union to stop lending legitimacy to fascism and withdraw these invites immediately,” she said.Duncan Money, a second-year from Balliol, said that he had received death threats after criticising fascist groups in an internet blog, and described those planning disruption at the Union as “complete nutters.”“I have received hundreds of threats from fascist groups,” he said. “My family has been threatened, my friends have been threatened and I’ve been threatened. On one occasion someone rang my home phone in the middle of night and said they would cut my throat. I have received hundreds of threats from members of the BNP and far right groups.”Several groups have organized protests against appearances by Nick Griffin and David Irving. Wadham College Students’ Union is to protest in conjunction with members of student group ‘Make Oxford Just Initiative’, as well as members of the Jewish Society and the Islamic Society.Thames Valley Police have advised people not to attend the Union on the evening of the debate if they are not permitted to attend the forum. They are currently liaising with the Oxford Union and protest groups in preparation for the event.Oxford Union President Luke Tryl confirmed that there would be increased security measures in place, and announced his intention to hold a poll in conjunction with the Union’s termly elections to judge support among members for the invitations.last_img read more