Antonio Brown, facing sexual assault allegations, cut by Patriots after 1 game

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmaillittleny/iStock(BOSTON) — Antonio Brown played just one game for the New England Patriots before the team released the star wide receiver, who’s facing multiple sexual assault allegations.Brown seemed to confirm his release in a tweet, writing, “Thank you for the opportunity.”He later tweeted, “The marathon continues.”Thanks for the opportunity appreciate @Patriots— AB (@AB84) September 20, 2019“The New England Patriots are releasing Antonio Brown. We appreciate the hard work of many people over the past 11 days, but we feel that it is best to move in a different direction at this time.,” the Patriots said in a statement Friday.Brown’s agent tweeted a message making it clear that they do not see this as the end of his time in the league, however.“It’s unfortunate things didn’t work out with the Patriots. But Antonio is healthy and is looking forward to his next opportunity in the NFL. He wants to play the game he loves and he hopes to play for another team soon,” Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus wrote on Twitter.Just two days after the Patriots announced they’d signed Brown, the seven-time Pro Bowl receiver was accused of sexual assault and rape by his former trainer.Britney Taylor, who accused Brown of sexual assault on multiple instances, had planned to meet with the NFL last week, sources told ABC News.ABC News does not usually name alleged victims of sexual assault, but Taylor’s lawyer gave permission and reiterated the lawsuit was not filed anonymously.Brown, through his attorney, denied all the allegations and suggested his accuser was just trying to extort him. He said the relationship was consensual.“Mr. Brown denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit,” Brown’s lawyer, Darren Heitner, said in a statement after the suit was filed. “He will pursue all legal remedies to not only clear his name, but to also protect other professional athletes against false accusations.”Brown was traded to Oakland from Pittsburgh in March and signed a three-year, $50 million extension, but after feuding with the NFL over his helmet type and with Raiders management, his contract was voided and he went on to sign with the Patriots.He unsuccessfully filed multiple grievances with the NFL, who outlawed his type of helmet due to updates safety regulations.Brown’s time in Oakland only grew more controversial after he secretly recorded and released a conversation with Raiders head coach Jon Gruden. Following a reported practice field spat with Oakland General Manager Mike Mayock, Brown asked the Raiders to release him. Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved. Written by September 20, 2019 /Sports News – National Antonio Brown, facing sexual assault allegations, cut by Patriots after 1 gamecenter_img Beau Lundlast_img read more

TAUK Reveals Fall Tour In Support Of Upcoming ‘Sir Nebula’ Album

first_imgWith their third studio release coming out on Friday, September 16th, TAUK is gearing up for a very exciting fall tour. In addition to the two-night album release gigs at NYC’s Brooklyn Bowl and their NYE run with Lettuce, the instrumental funk-rock blenders have added twenty more dates to the roster, bringing their beats to the west coast.The first leg of the tour will go on-sale this Friday at 10AM local time, with more dates to follow. The upcoming album, Sir Nebula, is also available for pre-order right here. Don’t miss out on these guys!last_img

Sharper view of matter

first_imgIn a breakthrough that could one day yield important clues about the nature of matter itself, a team of Harvard scientists has measured the magnetic charge of single particles of matter and antimatter with unprecedented precision.As described in a March 25 paper in Physical Review Letters, the team — led by Gerald Gabrielse, the George Vasmer Leverett Professor of Physics, and including postdoctoral fellows Stephan Ettenauer  and Eric Tardiff and graduate students Jack DiSciacca, Mason Marshall, Kathryn Marable, and Rita Kalra — was able to capture individual protons and antiprotons in a “trap” created by electric and magnetic fields. By tracking the oscillations of each particle, the team was able to measure the magnetism of a proton 1,000 times more accurately than any proton had been measured before. Similar tests with antiprotons produced a 680-fold increase in accuracy in the size of the magnet in an antiproton.“That is a spectacular jump in precision for any fundamental quality,” Gabrielse said. “That’s a leap that we don’t often see in physics, at least not in a single step.”Such measurements, Gabrielse said, could one day help scientists answer a question that might seem more suited for the philosophy classroom than the physics lab: Why are we here?“One of the great mysteries in physics is why our universe is made of matter,” he said. “According to our theories, the same amount of matter and antimatter was produced during the Big Bang. When matter and antimatter meet, they are annihilated. As the universe cools down, the big mystery is: Why didn’t all the matter find the antimatter and annihilate all of both? There’s a lot of matter and no antimatter left, and we don’t know why.”Making precise measurements of protons and antiprotons, Gabrielse explained, could begin to answer those questions, by potentially shedding light on whether the CPT (charge conjugation, parity transformation, time reversal) theorem is correct. An outgrowth of the standard model of particle physics, CPT states that the protons and antiprotons should be virtually identical — with the same magnitude of charge and mass — yet with opposite charges.The predictions of CPT have been verified by experiments measuring the charge-to-mass ratio of protons and antiprotons, but further investigation is needed, Gabrielse said, because the standard model does not account for all forces in the universe.“What we wanted to do with these experiments was to say, ‘Let’s take a simple system — a single proton and a single antiproton — and let’s compare their predicted relationships, and see if our predictions are correct,’” Gabrielse said. “Ultimately, whatever we learn might give us some insight into how to explain this mystery.”While researchers were able to capture and measure protons with relative ease, antiprotons are only produced by high-energy collisions that take place at the extensive tunnels of the CERN laboratory in Geneva, which created a dilemma.“Last year, we published a report showing that we could measure a proton much more accurately than ever before,” Gabrielse said. “Once we had done that, however, we had to make a decision. Did we want to take the risk of moving our people and our entire apparatus — crates and crates of electronics and a very delicate trap apparatus — to CERN and try to do the same thing with antiprotons?  Antiprotons would only be available till mid-December and then not again for a year and a half.“We decided to give it a shot, and by George, we pulled it off,” he continued. “Ultimately, we argued that we should attempt it, because even if we failed, that failure would teach us something.” In what Gabrielse described as a “gutsy” choice, DiSciacca agreed to use the attempt to conclude his thesis research, and new grad students Marshall and Marable signed on to help.Though the results still fit within the predictions made by the standard model, more accurate measurements of the characteristics of matter and antimatter may advance our understanding of how the universe works.“What’s also very exciting about this breakthrough is that it now prepares us to continue down this road,” Gabrielse said. “I’m confident that, given this start, we’re going to be able to increase the accuracy of these measurements by another factor of 1,000, or even 10,000.”last_img read more

Sanders says most Vermonters saw federal taxes drop

first_imgOn today’s income tax filing deadline, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said federal taxes are down for most middle-class Vermonters and Americans but much more needs to be done to create a fair and equitable tax system.“Despite much political rhetoric to the contrary, 99 percent of Vermont working families and individuals received a much-needed average federal tax cut of over $1,100 for 2009,” Sanders said.As a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, some 300,000 Vermont households were able to receive a tax cut of up to $400 ($800 for married couples). Further, 14,000 Vermont families were able to receive an expanded tax cut to send their kids to college last year. More than 20,000 Vermont children benefitted from an expansion in the child tax credit. Nearly 60,000 Vermont small businesses received tax cuts to purchase new equipment and other things. Nationwide, Congress cut individual federal income taxes by about $173 billion shortly after President Obama took office. “This tax relief is welcome news for Vermonters who continue to suffer through the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression,” the senator said.While federal taxes on middle class fell, Bush-era tax breaks for the wealthy continue to increase the skyrocketing federal deficit and too many large corporations took advantage of loopholes in the tax code to evade paying billions of dollars. “Congress has a lot of work to do to create a fairer tax system. This tax day we must resolve to make the tax code more progressive, simpler and fairer to the American people,” Sanders said.“With the top 1 percent now earning more income than the bottom 50 percent and the gap between the very rich and everyone else growing wider, we have to make sure that the wealthiest in our society and the largest and most profitable corporations in America pay their fair share in taxes. This is especially relevant given the reality that we have a record-breaking deficit and our national debt is approaching $13 trillion.” The federal tax code is so absurd that Warren Buffett, the third richest person in the world worth $47 billion, pays a lower overall tax rate than his secretary.  Equally outrageous is the fact that the top 25 hedge fund managers who made an average of $1 billion last year, pay a lower effective tax rate than many teachers, nurses, police officers, and fire fighters. Sanders also called it a “national disgrace” that Exxon Mobil, the most profitable corporation in history, evaded paying billions in taxes last year by setting up tax shelters in the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, among other things.  “As gas prices continue to climb, making it harder for Vermonters to afford to commute to work, Exxon Mobil shouldn’t be allowed to skirt its tax bill by setting up bogus tax shelters in the Caribbean,” he said.A member of the Senate Budget Committee, Sanders said he will work to repeal the Bush tax breaks for the wealthiest 1 percent, end corporate tax loopholes, and make the tax code fairer and simpler for ordinary Vermonters.Source: Sanders office. 4.15.2010last_img read more

NFF sanctions NPFL 2019/2020 final table

first_imgRelatedPosts COVID-19: NCAA to revoke erring airlines licence over non-compliance FRSC to Schools: We’ll arrest, prosecute drivers who flout COVID-19 rules Sanwo-Olu: We’re committed to fulfilling promises to Lagosians The Football Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation has endorsed the final table of the Nigeria Professional Football League for the 2019/2020 season as prepared and released by the League Management Company.The decision was taken at a virtual meeting held at the instance of the President of the NFF, Amaju Melvin Pinnick, to deliberate on all the issues arising from the forced ending to the season by COVID-19. On the agreement reached by all stakeholders to use the Points-Per-Game to determine the final table and the subsequent petition by Rivers United FC, the Committee unanimously recommended that the NFF Executive Committee endorses the LMC decision and the Final Table for the 2019/2020 season in line with the NFF Statutes.It also charged the LMC to work out its calendar to ensure that very minimal number of matches are postponed for Clubs taking part in continental competitions.As part of its consultations on the matter, the NFF reached out to both continental-governing body, CAF, and world-governing body, FIFA, whose responses affirmed the position of the NFF Football Committee.The said meeting of the NFF Football Committee reviewed the following: “The process followed by the LMC from May 2020 when the NFF approved the decision to end the NPFL 2019/2020 season at Match day 25 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, to July 2020 when it approved the NPFL table based on the PPG system with the top three teams to represent Nigeria in the 2020/2021 CAF Inter-Clubs Competitions.“The relevant provisions of the NPFL Rule Book that the LMC relied upon to end the season and adopt the PPG. “The Petition from Rivers Utd proposing for the LMC to use the Goal difference to break the tie.“The LMC’s response to Rivers Utd Petition seeking to clarify the issues and stating the basis of its decision.”Tags: Amaju Melvin PinnickCOVID-19LMCNFFnpflSanctionVirtual Meetinglast_img read more

Kudjoe Fianoo named Peace and Sport ambassador

first_imgChairman of Ghana League Club Association (GHALCA), Mr. Kudjoe Fianoo has been appointed West Africa’s ambassador for Peace and Sport. The astute administrator was unveiled as the ambassador on the occasion of first Peace and Sport forum hosted by business and investments outfit, 9BS Group of Companies. Founder of Peace and Sport Joël Bouzou tasked Mr Fianoo to use sports as a tool for promoting peace and ensure harmonious living in Sub-Saharan Africa.The former AshantiGold Chief Executive Officer expressed gratitude for his appointment and urged all stakeholders in the sporting fraternity to render an unflinching support to his course. “It with great sense of pride and honour, I accept to serve as the ambassador for Peace and Sports for the sub-region of West Africa and I hope to get the full support for the Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Sports Authority, Ghana Football Association, GHALCA just to mention a few and the entire sporting fraternity in Ghana.“I wish to make a special request to the media, that I need the full support of the media in the discharge of my duties. Having dedicated myself to serve my country through sports especially football spanning over three decades I have come to appreciate the power of sports ion nation building. “I can confidently say sport is the driving force for healthy and sound society. It is just no surprise that the Mr. Bouzou has chosen sports to foster peace around the world and deserve commendation from the entire world.“I want to assure him that, they have found a capable hand to drive their dreams and aspiration of the organization,’’ Fianoo stated.Peace and Sport is a Monaco-based organization under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II.It was founded in 2007, with the objective to bring the structuring values of sport to the heart of communities in crisis throughout the world, making the sport a vehicle for tolerance, respect and citizenship at the service of sustainable peace.The backbone of its action is a group of over 80 high-level athletes, called “Champions for Peace” who dynamically support the organization’s activities at all levels.last_img read more