Joss Whedon Could Direct a Batgirl Movie and More DC Movie News

first_imgStay on target Ben Affleck’s Batman solo film may be having trouble getting off the ground, but the Gotham City of the DCEU won’t go completely undefended. According to Variety, Joss Whedon is currently in talks to write, direct and produce a movie based around Batgirl. The superhero hasn’t seen the big screen since Joel Schumacher’s infamous Batman and Robin, which is a real shame. Such a great comic book character deserves the chance to be in an equally great movie. It’s hard to think of a writer/director better suited to the task.The project is still in the very early stages, having only originated in the last month. No producers are attached yet, but this could turn out to be a very good move for the DCEU. When Marvel brought Whedon on for two Avengers movies, he also gave feedback on a number of scripts they had in development. That relationship didn’t end too well, but it led to some of the best movies Marvel put out. Having that kind of person on board could be just what the DCEU needs at this point. Of course, it helps that Whedon is known for writing fantastic female-driven superhero movies and TV shows.Hopefully, Warner Bros. will use this movie as an opportunity to finally get the character right. Batgirl doesn’t have the best history when it comes to movies. In Batman and Robin, she was Alfred’s niece rather than Barbara Gordon, and her character was handled so poorly, there wasn’t even the slightest justification for her suiting up. It’s honestly better for all of our collective mental health to forget that movie ever even existed. Her more recent animated films haven’t been much better. The adaptation of The Killing Joke added an unnecessary prologue where she has a crush on Batman. Because hey, why not add some character assassination to an already needlessly cruel story that even the original writer regrets. With Whedon on board, maybe DC can begin making up for all that.Jason Momoa in Justice League. (Photo via Warner Bros.)Another sign that the DCEU is about to get a whole lot better came out of a Cinemacon panel on Wednesday. Aquaman director James Wan showed off some concept art for the movie, reports The Hollywood Reporter. The image that seems to have stuck in the minds of attendees the most featured Aquaman riding into battle. On what? Well, as Wan put it, he wanted it to look like an outer space battle, but with ships that didn’t look right.“It’s not until the ships get so close that you realize that’s not a spaceship. That’s a human riding a shark!”Brilliant. The movie hasn’t even started filming yet, and already I’m on board. That should just be the subtitle of the movie. Aquaman: A Human Riding a Shark! Tell me you wouldn’t see that movie opening day. THR reports the concept art reel also contained a look at the movie’s villain, Black Manta, as well as plenty of underwater battles. That’s nice and all, but who cares? This movie has a human riding a shark!While Wan had to appear via video, Jason Momoa made an appearance onstage at the convention. In addition to introducing the Aquaman concept art, he talked a little bit about the upcoming Justice League movie. He called it “the greatest movie ever made.” Well, the jury is out on that until the rest of us can see it, but I certainly hope it is. Especially given a recent report about its length.According to the film’s IMDB page, Justice League will clock in at about 170 minutes long. Just shy of three hours. That’s a lot of movie. For those keeping score, that’s 20 minutes longer than Batman v. Superman. Even as someone who loves superhero movies, that might be a bit too much. To be fair, The Dark Knight Rises was almost as long and still turned out pretty good. Zack Snyder isn’t Christopher Nolan, but who knows? Maybe Jason Momoa is right, and this will be the greatest movie ever made. Anything’s possible, right? Batman Loses a Dad Again, Another Ben Affleck Update & More DC Movie NewsSecret Aquaman Role, Wonder Woman’s Throwback Photo, & More DC Movie News last_img read more