Is JK Rowling planning a Harry Potter MMORPG

first_imgJK Rowling knows how to tease her fans, and there are plenty of them to be teased. Yesterday she launched a new web site called Pottermore, which features nothing but the Pottermore logo and JK Rowling’s handwriting underneath that reads “Coming soon…” and her accompanying signature. Some fans think it’ll be a new series of Harry Potter novels, others think it’ll be a new movie, but if you look into who owns the rights to “Pottermore,” you’ll rightly believe it could be a video game.The trademark for Pottermore is actually owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment, and describes the product as “providing multiple-user access to a global computer information network,” among other features like chat rooms, bulletin boards, and links. That could be as simple as a website, but it could also be as comprehensive as an massively multiplayer online game. Many people have been predicting a Harry Potter-based MMO for months, and this new announcement could be the event they’ve been waiting for.AdChoices广告At the same time, there’s nothing in the trademark that explicitly tells us it’ll be an MMO: if anything, you could read the trademark and think it’s just a community site with forums and chat, maybe with some browser-based online games. Even so, The Guardian is stepping up speculation, noting that Pottermore could stand for Potter Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Experience, which we think is a bit of a stretch.Coding The Wheel, however, has dummied up some screenshots of what they want a Harry Potter MMO to look like, and even go into detail about how it would be played. They propose a game where you create a character and choose the Hogwarts house your character belongs in, much like choosing a race in other MMOs. Then you would choose your school of magic, much like choosing a class. They would even put your character in the middle of the story described in the books, attending Hogwarts and encountering major characters from the books.JK Rowling’s YouTube Channel, JKRowlingAnnounces, has a countdown clock on it, which would put the launch on the 23rd of June. We’ll have to wait until then to find out whether the hype was really worth getting excited about and we’re on the brink of something new in the Harry Potter universe, or we’re about to see the launch of a new Harry Potter fan portal.Read more at Pottermore, via Massively and Coding the Wheellast_img read more