first_imgThe Cavern: Victim of assault lost two teeth thereA MAN who lost two teeth in a violent attack in a local pub is “absolutely fed up” waiting for his attacker to pay his medical bills, a court has heard.David Gibson, who is 21, has already admitted the attack on his victim at The Cavern Bar in Letterkenny on May 19 last year. Gibson, from 52 The Green Ballymacool in Letterkenny pleaded guilty to assault causing harm at a previous court.Judge Paul Kelly has been adjourning his sentence in the case until compensation to the victim is paid.But Letterkenny District Court heard that Gibson still owes €150, and according to his solicitor Kieran Dillon, has been doing his best to come up with the rest of the money.Garda Inspector Goretti Sheridan told the court that the victim wanted the case dealt with and he was impatient at the rate at which Gibson was paying for his medical bills.“He’s absolutely fed up with it going on and on,” said Inspector Sheridan.The victim, she said, had lost two teeth in the attack.Judge Kelly adjourned the case until next month to allow Gibson to settle the balance of the medical bills.VICTIM WHO LOST TWO TEETH IN ATTACK ‘FED UP’ WAITING FOR COMPENSATION, JUDGE TOLD was last modified: May 22nd, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:assaultballymacoolGibsonteethThe Cavern Barlast_img read more


first_imgSERIAL killer Robert Black intended to murder two girls from south Donegal, a cold case expert said today. Black – serving 12 life sentences for the kidnap and murder of four British girls – has long been suspected of killing seven-year-old Mary Boyle here.Cold case expert Chris Clark has found evidence that the sex predator went back to the area in County Donegal the next year searching for another victim. That comes as prosecutors consider whether to charge Black with the murder of Genette Tate, 13, of Aylesbeare, Devon, in 1978. Her body has never been found.Mary vanished in Cashelard in March 1977. Former detective Clark says he has evidence van driver Black was working in the area at the time.Clark said Black returned in 1978, raising fears he was hunting for another victim.“There is confirmation that when Mary went missing Black was a regular visitor at a pub in County Donegal. He appears on a Garda charge sheet for after hours drinking,” he said. “His presence was additionally recorded in the area a year after Mary went missing. He was noted by female witnesses asking about another girl. When they declined to help, they described him as becoming angry.“He was noted by female witnesses asking about another girl. When they declined to help, they described him as becoming angry.”Grangemouth-born Black, 67, was found guilty in 1994 of three child murders in the 80s.His reign of terror ended in 1990 when he was caught with a girl of six stuffed in a sleeping bag in his van in the Scottish village of Stow.He raped and murdered 11-year-old Northumberland schoolgirl Susan Maxwell in 1981. Mary: MurderedShe was dumped in Staffordshire.Five-year-old Caroline Hogg was abducted in Portobello, Edinburgh, and killed in 1983. Her naked remains were found 10 days later in Leicestershire.He picked up Sarah Harper, 10, in Leeds in 1986 then raped and murdered her. He dropped her body into the River Trent.In 2011, Black was convicted of kidnapping and murdering Jennifer Cardy, nine, who was snatched in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, in 1981. COLD CASE EXPERT: ROBERT BLACK KILLED MARY BOYLE AND CAME BACK TO DONEGAL INTENDING TO KILL AGAIN was last modified: July 27th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:donegalMARY BOYLEmissingmurderRobert Blacklast_img read more

Bumgarner pulled with low pitch count, Giants bullpen falters in seventh straight loss

first_imgMIAMI — Twelve years ago, the Giants selected a left-handed pitcher out of South Caldwell High School in North Carolina with the 10th overall pick in the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft.This Monday, the Giants will again be on the clock with the 10th pick in the first round and they can only hope to choose a player who pans out like ace Madison Bumgarner did.For the last decade, Bumgarner has continually put the Giants on his back and carried them past various finish lines. On Wednesday …last_img

Cassini Diving Through Saturn’s Young Rings

first_imgThere’s a gap between the D ring and the planet that is empty enough to allow the spacecraft to pass through, taking incredible pictures and data.Artwork of Cassini ring dive (JPL)As we reported a few days ago, Cassini is in the midst of its exciting “Grand Finale”— a series of daring maneuvers between the rings and Saturn. As of this writing, three of the ring dives (of 22) have been completed. Amazing photos and videos posted on the JPL Cassini Website are just a foretaste of unprecedented observations to come before the final plunge into Saturn on September 15.Evidence continues to support the youth of the rings. A new paper in Icarus, co-authored by veteran ringmaster Jeff Cuzzi, shows that the rings cannot be nearly as old as Saturn:We find that the overall pollution exposure time for the A and B rings and the Cassini Division ranges from ∼30–150 Myr, which is in line with the ∼15–90 Myr we previously derived for most regions in the C ring. These exposure times assume an initially nearly pure-ice ring that has been continuously contaminated by in-falling micrometeoroids since its formation, using the currently accepted value of the micrometeoroid flux (Grün et al., 1985; Cuzzi and Estrada, 1998; Kempf et al., 2013; Altobelli et al., 2015). Our results here, taken together with our previous findings for the C ring, further support the idea that Saturn’s rings may be ≲150 Myr old suggesting an origin scenario in which the rings are derived from the relatively recent breakup of an icy moon.150 million years sounds old, but that’s only 3% of the consensus age for Saturn. Planetary scientists had long thought the rings were as old as Saturn till evidence from spacecraft showed otherwise.In science, it is generally distasteful to posit ad hoc scenarios to support a theory. Getting a moon of just the right size to come toward Saturn at just the right speed to break up and form such a complex pattern of rings at just the right time so that we can observe them today sounds like special pleading (example, 10/07/2010). When I was at JPL, I heard Jeff Cuzzi talk very frankly and honestly about Saturn’s rings being young. Another veteran ringmaster, Larry Esposito, openly told a critic of one of my ICR articles about the youth of Saturn’s rings why he wanted to keep them old through a “recycling” mechanism. “It is true that my major impetus for my recycling proposal is philosophical: I am not comfortable with the low probability of recent ring creation.” (email dated 11/06/2008).(Visited 524 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Single-dose HIV drug welcomed

first_img30 November 2012 South African organisations involving in combating HIV/Aids have welcomed the announcement of a tender award for a single-dose antiretroviral (ARV) drug for the government’s HIV treatment campaign. Announcing the R5.9-billion tender award in Pretoria on Thursday, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi said that the majority of South Africans on state-sponsored ARV treatment for HIV would, from April 2013, need only one tablet instead of the current three per day. Motsoaledi added that South Africa had managed to reduce the cost of the tender – for a single dose of the triple combination of tenofovir, entricitabine and efavirenz – by 38%, a massive saving of R2.2-billion. The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) welcomed the announcement on Friday, saying it would be the first time that “first-line fixed-dose combination ARVs and third-line antiretroviral medicines will be procured for use in the public sector”.Multiple benefits It said clinical studies had shown that fixed-dose combination drugs (FDCs) improved patients’ treatment adherence, which would improve treatment outcomes and reduce onward transmission of HIV. FDCs would also make prescribing, dispensing and monitoring treatment easier for nurses and pharmacists, while simplifying procurement and supply chain management. “This is particularly important given the ongoing challenges with medicines supply, leading to shortages and stock-outs of ARVs and other critical medicines,” the TAC said.Third-line ARVs also to be procured The TAC further welcomed the fact that, for the first time, some third-line ARVs would be procured for use in the public sector. It said the provision of these medicines would offer hope for some patients who previously had no other treatment options. The TAC said it would help the government by embarking on a nationwide education and awareness campaign on the introduction of first-line fixed-dose combination antiretrovirals. “We will also conduct workshops on the new third-line treatment and where is it available in the public sector.” Doctors Without Borders (MSF) also welcomed the announcement, saying the inclusion of FDCs was “good news for the 1.7-million people currently on ARVs in South Africa, because they now finally have access to simpler and improved treatment options. “Rolling out drugs in FDC formulations will have significantly positive implications to help keep patients adherent to their life-long treatment,” Dr Gilles Van Cutsem, the MSF’s medical coordinator in South Africa, said in a statement on Friday. According to the MSF, the fixed-dose antiretrovirals would not only benefit patients but also relieve the burden on the South African health system by simplifying the ordering and monitoring of ARV stocks. With fewer pills to pack, transport and dispense cost reductions were also possible. Source: read more

invisibobble Original Hair Ring : I bought these after hearing that they are perfect for tying up curly hair without leaving indents

first_imgWe used these in my daughter’s afro hair as other bobbles just got tangled. They do stretch and one eventually snapped after a couple of weeks but i’d still buy them again as they’re better than anything else we’ve tried. I have thick natural curly hair and was worried this. I have thick natural curly hair and was worried this will not hold my hair firmly. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked and i didn’t get any of the usual head aches. Also unlike my previous hair bands that lose elasticity after one use, this just returns to its usual shape. I have very thick, heavy hair and these fasten it up securely with no pulling which is a real bonus. Can’t recommend them highly enough. And no, they really don’t leave a link in your hair. I’ve bought cheaper ones of these but have since gone back to the invisibobble. They’re the only things i can wear without getting a headache and genuinely leave no trace when you take them out. if people knew how to look after these, they’d get more stars!Great product, great priceDon’t listen to the bull reviews on here.No more ripping your hair out by the roots!Why didn’t anyone tell me about these?Perfect if you have thick hairinvisibobble Original Hair Ring, Crystal Clearinvisibobble ORIGINAL – the traceless hair ringNo kink.Less headachesStrong hold.Puts an end to all hair tying problems. Don’t listen to the bull reviews on here. . After one use it literally bounced back to size. Will only stretch to what the previous person has if you twist it a gazillion times around your hair or about two months of everyday use. I took photo of mine straight after taking it out of my hair which i wrapped around three times for a ponytail. Makes ponytail voluminous and swishy 🙂 love it. Stays in all day till i take it out. I am a big fan of invisibobbles. I always tie my fringe and bangs up on a night when i sleep – otherwise i wake up freaking out that a spider’s walking on my face. I used to use elastic hair bands (owww in the morning removing them and the resulting hair bump) or the flumpy/fluffy type ones, that usually come out during the night. I usually get three wraparound of my hair, ensuring it’s not too tight, 2 wraps is a bit loose, but even if i leave it at that, it doesn’t come out when i sleep. Either way, the only time i ever have hair bumps in the morning is when i go to sleep with wet/damp hair, and to be honest, nothing’s going to stop the hair bumps thenas someone who doesn’t wash their hair everyday but who straightens it every time i do, using invisibobbles means i don’t have to restraighten in the morning. Extra time for coffeeone thing i really like using them for is when i’m in the shower. I’ll put on a hair mask and because i have long hair i get an invisibobble and tie my hair up in a rubbish-type of hair bun so i can do the rest of my shower with the hair mask on. Try doing that with a hair band on wet hairi started using invisibobbles when they first came out, and they were very expensive, unlike now where they are really a great price. A nice alternative to fabric or rubber hair bands – waterproof, good for swimming, and quite stretchy enough to twist a few times. Although i love this product i was disappointed that one already broke after i had just used it a couple of times. However the other two are still great and i would definitely get these again. I can see that my hair is less damaged since i started using them. These are a lot smaller than i thought they’d be. Came in a package that was 10x the size of the item. That’s not a problem though, because these bobbles are very good. I have quite thick hair, so i’ve always had a problem with getting bobbles that tie my hair tightly whilst not leaving a dent. Because these bobbles are a different design to normal ones, they grab and hold your hair a lot better. So i have very thick hair, which is a problem for these products as they do not seem to like it. Consequetly they stretch out of shape even after the first use and eventually loose all grip until you have to tie it several times. Do work fine, but not the best for very fine hair. These do hold well, but care should be taken when using them on very fine hair. Fine hair only gets held if you wrap this round twice, and then you need to take care to gently roll it back off or risk losing some hair in the process. Easy to use does leave a slight mark but not as bad as normal holders. I can’t say it doesn’t do what it says as i can put my hair up and let it down later and theres no “dents” in it like there is with normal bobbles. However, having read some hyped up reviews about this product i was expecting more, i find it very hard to actually be able to tie my hair up in a “tight” ponytail with this bobble, theres always a piece that ends up loose and it takes several tries, and i dont really like how it feels when i put it up in a pony as it feels rather loose and like its not holding the hair back (it holds it well but i find it uncomfortable). I’m not sure why that is perhaps its because i have thick hair. The only hairstyle i make using this bobble is a loose messy bun for around the house. It’s okay, but not the product revolution they’re making it out to be. Bought these as an alternative to the usual elastic bobbles. As a teacher, i keep my hair tied back all working day for fear of the dreaded headlice, and i always had the ponytail kink which required quality time with my straighteners to fix. This seemed to like a good solution. They go on really easily and expand nicely. I have quite coarse hair which hates being washed in the hard water which we have in this area, and punishes me by being frizzy and uncontrollable for the first 24 hours after washing. The invisibobble kept it out of my face, but i was very aware that as the hours went by, it was slipping and losing its tightness. You can’t grab it and slide it back against your head to tighten it either, because the coils grip it wherever they are. When you take them out (they come out quite easily), they look like they’ve been stretched, but like other reviewers have said, they will ping back into their normal dimensions overnight. I bought these after hearing that they are perfect for tying up curly hair without leaving indents. I bought these after hearing that they are perfect for tying up curly hair without leaving indents. Unfortunately i really haven’t got on with them. They aren’t strong enough to keep my hair up, sagging after a few minutes. They also get very stretched, so at any one time i have one sitting in the bathroom waiting for it to shrink back to its original size. They do however leave no indent in my hair. Wish they worked better for me but they just didn’t. I love the price and the quantity for it, so as the quality. These hair ring and bracelet are so good,it holds my hair all day without me need to do it again and do not leave a curly marks or any marks on my hair after i take it out. But given that having it minimize to shoulder length these are exceptional. I wouldn’t call them ‘invisible’ but they are sort. Didn’t maintain my hair extremely properly when it was lengthy (waistline length) as it utilized to slip down my straight hair, but since having it slash to shoulder length these are excellent. I would not get in touch with them ‘invisible’ but they are sort to your hair and don’t go all working day.If folks understood how to glance right after these, they’d get additional stars. I have quite thick hair and it does seem to grip it effectively. I needed to tighten my hair a tiny, durung wear, consequently the four stars. I’m stunned at there remaining no care information, anything which would address a lot of complications for shoppers. They extend out of condition, but you simply pop them into boiling drinking water for a couple of seconds and it shrinks right again to condition – will have to be some kind of thermoset plastic, very intelligent. So numerous testimonials on right here are folks moaning that they extend our of condition and so it should really only have 1 or two stars. You should place care recommendations on description and packet. Luckily for us my hairdresser gave me the warm h2o trick.Superb for retaining hair in area, without the need of problems. With thick dry hair, i have constantly struggled between employing hair ties that won’t problems my hair, or in fact keeping it in position, consistently swapping between scrunchies and restricted bands. These were being an amazing obtain, and are now the only factors i use to tie my hairnote: they do come to be extremely stretched pretty swiftly, but i just get made use of to tying it spherical my hair four/5 occasions as a substitute of the normal three.I like that hair won’t get knotted in it, and it comes out conveniently ample. I would recommend this products.Really delighted with this product. My daughter has quite very long and thick hair and typical tie-ups do not generally hold quite perfectly. The invisibobble retains her hair correctly and isn’t going to go out of shape. Outstanding product or service would endorse.Adore these bobblesno tangling, no snagging & they past for ages. I have been working with them for all-around twelve months now & have hardly ever has a person breakthey sometimes consider a working day or so o go back again to their original sizing when they have been utilised, but they usually go again. My 1st pack of 3 lasted me above twelve months & i gave 1 to a close friend. Only just brought much more as a back again up, but have not experienced to crack them open up nevertheless as the two from the firs large amount that i experienced are however going sturdy.last_img read more

Facebook finally adds virtual reality app to the social network

first_imgDavid Curry Facebook has made its first move to integrate virtual reality onto the main social network, confirming that users of its VR app Spaces will now be able to broadcast themselves on a live video.Spaces is an Oculus-only app that lets users sit in a virtual room, chat to friends, watch videos, and draw. Facebook built it as a social environment for VR users, who primarily play video games.See Also: Oculus Rift price slashed for second timeWhen the space is broadcast, non-VR viewers look in on the virtual room and send interactive comments. VR users can pick the comments up in the room and change the details.Facebook hopes that the integration will introduce more users on its two billion strong social network to virtual reality.“It’s really a way to break down this barrier between VR and non-VR,” said Mike Booth, product manager for social VR at Facebook, to MIT Technology Review.Gather your friends?Estimates range from 400,000 to 700,000 Oculus Rift sales so far, which is good for VR but not great when compared to Facebook’s usual numbers. Spaces users have said that the app can be quite a lonely experience if you do not have friends that own a VR headset.While the introduction onto Facebook should boost the numbers of people watching Spaces, most of the interactivity will be walled off from non-VR viewers.Oculus main target demographic remains PC gamers, but the next hardware versions may tailor to mobile audiences, which are more engaged with non-gaming content. Things like virtual rooms, where users can interact with the environment, are good starting grounds for newbies. Tags:#apps#Facebook#Internet of Things#IoT#mobile#Oculus#social#Spaces#virtual reality#VR Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts center_img Follow the Puck Internet of Things Makes it Easier to Steal You… Small Business Cybersecurity Threats and How to…last_img read more

Strange ’80s Synth Music for Horror and Fantasy Films

first_imgGo upside down with these killer royalty free, retro-style synth tracks.Image via Shutterstock.When it comes to the finest royalty free synthesizer tracks, we’ve got what you need. From our previous retro-creepy Chilling ’80s Synth Mixtape and the recently popular Futuristic Sci-Fi Synth for noir dramas, our composers continue to produce stellar royalty free tracks for your projects.Image via Shutterstock.Whether you’re working in urban horror, retro fantasy, or even futuristic noir, these tracks will evoke a dark and otherworldly setting. Filmmakers and videographers often say that sound is everything, and in this genre, that’s absolutely true. Give your project the soundtrack it deserves with this ready-to-use playlist.Image via Shutterstock.If you like these tracks, be sure to check out these other curated synthesizer playlists.Chilling ’80s Synth MixtapeFuturistic Sci-Fi Synthlast_img read more

Diaspora Conference Facilitated 240 Business Meetings

first_imgMinister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Hon. Arnaldo Brown, has reported that 240 business meetings were facilitated at the 5th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference.He also noted that several investments will be coming into the country as a result of the links made at the three-day event, which ended on June 19 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre, in St. James.“The 240 meetings were facilitated among 14 investors on 30 local projects. That is significant. Out of that, seven investors indicated that they were desirous of making equity investments in 17 projects, and have requested additional information from these project owners,” the State Minister said at the closing ceremony.“JAMPRO is going to follow-up with these (prospective investors), and the country will hear more about the investments. The future of Jamaica is extremely bright,” the State Minister added.He noted that some 600 delegates attended the conference, and reiterated that Jamaicans overseas are committed to their country.“The important story is not the size of the conference, it is the commitment of Jamaicans to Jamaica,” Mr. Brown said.There were deliberations on the soon to be published Jamaica International Migration and Development Policy at the conference, which among other things will seek to minimize culture shock and prepare migrating Jamaicansfor assimilation, so they can contribute to the development of both Jamaica and their host countries. It will also assist in tracking the number of those who will be joining the Diaspora.“Our objective is to prepare our people to deal with the challenges that they will face in different spaces, and to let them know that if things don’t work elsewhere, they can return home, anytime they are ready. We want Jamaicans to know that this is their home, and once you are ready to return, we are ready to receive you,” Mr. Brown said.Contact: Garfield L. Anguslast_img read more