Christ loves us warts and all – Bishop Grech

first_imgBishop Mario Grech’s message to the faithful on the feast of St Joseph, patron saint of Xagħra was that Christ loves us in all our imperfections. He added that maturity should enable us to accept our defects and the best we can do is to love God as much as it is in our nature to do so. Bishop Grech underlined that this was not simply a cop out, an acceptance of mediocrity since the effort to improve, on our defects, in the love of God, remained the same. Rather it was a message of courage intended to help the faithful push their boundaries in their internal search for God.The beauty of imperfectionBishop Grech said that facing up to one’s own defects is not an easy task and denial of one’s imperfections impedes maturity. Such denial prevents growth and improvement. As Christians, said Bishop Grech, we often think within our limited parameters, assuming that to be pleasing to God we need to be perfect. This leads to a decline in our relationship with God, as our defects make us lose interest in the possibility of attaining His love.Moving forward to perfectionThe Bishop of Gozo recalled the conversation between the Risen Christ and Peter who, in answer to Christ’s query had answered “Lord, you know that I love You”. Bishop Grech said that this trite and poignant phrase encapsulates in it not only Peter’s admission of his faults, his imperfections but also his wish to be worthy of Christ’s love. Peter knows Christs wish, to be loved totally, happily and with generosity. He also knows that he cannot reach those goals and tacitly asks Christ to accept his imperfect love for Him. “This act of humility touches Christ’s front of this act of humility, Christ lowers his expectations” said Bishop Grech. In this sense, it was not Peter who converted but Christ who adapted to Peter’s needs.Moving on takes courageBishop Grech said that this dialogue fills the reader with courage: Christ is ready to adapt to our level. The goals we set ourselves are sometimes too taxing and exhausting and the net result is that we are disheartened. Bishop Grech said that the Christians need to accept themselves, warts and all, because that is how God sees us, how He accepts us and how He adapts himself to us. This is not a compromise, said Bishop Grech, but a way to gradually deepen the relationship which the faithful have with God.WhatsApp SharePrint <a href=’” alt=”last_img” /> read more