Halifax Waterfront Sustains Damage Following Hurricane

first_img Waterfront Development Corporation Limited is asking the publicto use caution when accessing the downtown Halifax waterfrontarea. A majority of the waterfront has been cordoned off to allowsurveying of the wharves and to allow clean-up crews to beginremoving debris. The Halifax waterfront area weathered the brunt of Hurricane Juanas it made landfall early yesterday morning, Monday, Sept. 29. Winds gusting to 140 kilometres per hour, combined with a hightide and heavy rainfall, resulted in severe storm surges alongthe waterfront. Most wharves from Tall Ships Quay to Casino NovaScotia were affected. Engineering consultants and WaterfrontDevelopment Corporation management are conducting a detailedsurvey and have established a plan with timelines for repair andreplacement. Heavy waves and flooding resulted in storm damage to a variety ofbusinesses; parking lots were flooded and, in some cases, havepulled away completely from the boardwalk. A section of thegravel walkway located to the north of Bishop’s Landing on LowerWater Street has washed away, trees are down, damaged floatingdocks are now laid alongside buildings and most of thecorporation’s floats are missing or beyond repair. A variety ofstorm-related issues are in the process of being evaluated. “The Halifax waterfront sustained considerable damage duringHurricane Juan. At this time, we are concerned with how safe thearea is so we are asking for the public’s co-operation inrespecting areas that are clearly marked as hazardous,” said FredWere, president of the Crown corporation. Engineering firms areon site and Mr. Were said he expects to have survey reports inthe next few days. Lands, wharves and walkways owned by the corporation on theBedford waterfront and in Dartmouth are also being surveyed. Convoy Quay in Bedford appears to be relatively unscathed,however the walkway in DeWolfe Park owned by Halifax RegionalMunicipality has sustained serious damage. The corporation isestimating a construction phase of about two to four weeks. Theoverall cost of rebuilding has not yet been determined. “When we complete our evaluation of the damage, priorities willbe set to begin rebuilding the Halifax waterfront. We hope tohave a fuller understanding of the task ahead in the next 24hours,” said Mr. Were. “The waterfront has weathered the brunt ofMother Nature. Our objectives right now are to ensure the safetyof the public and to return the waterfront to her citizens asquickly as possible.” WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENT CORP.–Halifax Waterfront Sustains DamageFollowing Hurricanelast_img read more