Three Individuals Arrested In Casablanca And Oujda Before Joining IS In

Rabat  –  Security services arrested three individuals in Casablanca and Oujda who were attempting to join the terrorist organization of IS in Libya, the Ministry of Interior said in a statement.The three recruits of IS in Libya, originally from Sidi Bennour, were arrested on the basis of meticulous information provided by Morocco’s domestic intelligence (DGST), added the statement.The IS in Libya is increasingly attracting foreign fighters as it attempts to stretch in the Maghreb as part of the global “jihadist” strategy adopted by IS led by its self-proclaimed caliph Abou Bakr Al Baghdadi, noted the statement. The three individuals were in contact with a group of Sidi Bennour natives who were brought before justice on December 13, 2014 after they failed in joining terrorists in Libya, the Ministry said.With MAP read more