Beat the Heat this Summer

first_img heat cramps such as muscle spasms fainting or near fainting heat exhaustion, which may include fatigue, weakness, reduced energy, headache, and nausea heat stroke, which may cause confusion, disorientation, loss of consciousness or seizures In cases of extreme temperatures, a fan may not provide enough cooling. Family pets may also be affected by high temperatures. They should have plenty of water available, and be kept in well ventilated areas. People with underlying health issues may see their symptoms worsen. If they experience heat-related illness symptoms they should call 8-1-1 to speak with a nurse. In an emergency situation, call 9-1-1. To beat the heat, health officials recommend that you: Nova Scotians can beat the heat this summer by keeping an eye on the temperature and protecting themselves from heat-related illness. Infants, pre-schoolers, adults 65 and older, and people with chronic conditions, such as lung or heart problems, may become sick because of high heat and humidity. Dr. Richard Gould, a medical officer of health, reminds Nova Scotians to adjust their daily activities if it is going to get too hot. “We should all monitor the weather conditions to protect ourselves from high temperatures,” said Dr. Gould. “If you’re going to be spending the day outdoors — especially if you are taking part in a sport or other vigorous activity or are vulnerable to health effects — make sure you have plenty of water and rest breaks as the temperature rises.” When the humidex exceeds 40, extra caution and rescheduling vigorous activity to a cooler time of the day should be strongly considered. The humidex tells how hot it feels for the average person. It combines temperature and humidity. Symptoms of heat-related illness can include: stay in shaded or cool air-conditioned areas drink plenty of water wear light-coloured clothing take breaks often when exercising or working outside People without access to a cool place at home or work should take advantage of air conditioned places like shopping malls, libraries, or community centres. Cooling off in a pool or area close to the ocean may also provide relief. For more heat safety tips visit . To find the local humidex level visit .last_img read more

Palicka leads fantastic Lions to win in Kiel

12.VfL Gummersbach13:21-19 10.FRISCH AUF! Göppingen15:19-8 19:00Hannover-Burgdorf29 – 26Gummersbach 20:15HBW Balingen-Weilstetten23 – 19TVB Stuttgart 20:15Bergischer28 – 29Lemgo 4.Füchse Berlin26:8+54 19:00Fuchse Berlin31 – 26Goppingen Rhein Neckar Lowen showed domination in the most demanding place to do it – at Sparkassen Arena in Kiel, where Lion’s coach Andreas Palicka has his own show in front of the fans of former team – 29:26 (16:14).THW Kiel – Rhein-Neckar Löwen 26:29 (14:16)THW Kiel: Landin, Wolff – Bilyk (2), Dahmke (2), Duvnjak (7), Ekberg, Sprenger, Nilsson, Toft Hansen (2), Vujin (6/2), Wiencek (7), Zeitz, FirnhaberRhein-Neckar Löwen: Palicka (1), Appelgren–  Schmid (5), Sigurdsson (5), Manaskov (n.e.), Banea Gonzalez, Steinhauser (n.e.), Larsen, Reinkind (n.e.), Gedeon Guardiola (1), Groetzki (2), Ekdahl du Rietz (6), Pekeler (4), Petersson (5), Abt (n.e.)RESULTS: 7.SC DHfK Leipzig19:15+9 16.TVB 1898 Stuttgart8:26-67 STANDINGS: 2.Rhein-Neckar Löwen32:2+84 19:00Erlangen31 – 22Leipzig 18.Bergischer HC5:29-71 20:15SC Magdeburg27 – 26MT Melsungen 20:15Coburg 200024 – 35Flensburg-H. ← Previous Story FC Barcelona Lassa win sixth ASOBAL Cup in a row! Next Story → Rivera leads Qatar to France 2017 without some big names! 1.SG Flensburg-Handewitt32:2+128 14.HBW Balingen-Weilstetten11:23-54 8.HSG Wetzlar18:16+6 20:15Minden25 – 27HSG Wetzlar 17.HSC 2000 Coburg6:28-75 5.TSV Hannover-Burgdorf20:14+24 13.TSV GWD Minden13:21-45 3.THW Kiel30:4+84 15.TBV Lemgo8:26-42 18:30Kiel26 – 29Rhein-Neckar 11.MT Melsungen14:20-2 6.SC Magdeburg20:14+4 9.HC Erlangen16:18-10 read more