Watch Prince Shred His Guitar On 1999 Spanish Television Show

first_imgSince the unfortunate news of his passing, the music of Prince has made an enormous presence on the Internet. New videos have surfaced, unreleased tracks found, and collaborations with some of the top artists have been revealed in less than two weeks since his untimely death. Lucky for fans who never had the chance to see The Purple One perform live, these videos provide a window to the world that Prince was known for creating.Watch Prince Collaborate With Kendrick Lamar In This Rocking Improvisational PerformanceIn 1999, Prince delivered a stunning rendition of “Motherless Child” on Spanish television program, 2 TVE. His guitar-work shines in this performance with a rock-and-roll attitude, as he leads the band through the highs and lows of his unforgettable vocal range. It’s videos like these that help the mourning music community cope with their loss. Enjoy:Watch the full 38-minute performance below:This Friday, an All-Star Tribute to Prince is going down in Brooklyn at The Hall at MP. The music of Prince will be performed by Aron Magner (Disco Biscuits), Marcus Rezak (Stratosphere All-Stars), Mike Greenfield (Lotus), Louis Cato (Late Show With Stephen Colbert), and Hayley Jane, with James Casey (Trey Anastasio Band), Maurice “Mobetta” Brown (Tedeschi Trucks Band, The Roots, Wyclef Jean & more), and Ian Gray (Swift Technique) adding some brass flare. More information on this exciting tribute can be found here.last_img read more

INTERVIEW: Leftover Salmon Play “Interview Tag,” Talk Red Rocks, Shoes, & New Album

first_imgThere’s been quite a bit of buzz surrounding Leftover Salmon’s latest studio album, Something Higher. Last year, the group took some time away from touring to work with Steve Berlin of Los Lobos at WaveLab Studios in Tucson, Arizona. This album, in particular, is a true band collaboration—each member played a key role creating the arrangements for these new tunes, not just the veterans of the band, which has been around for nearly three decades.After involving Leftover Salmon frontman Vince Herman in a game of “interview tag” with Anders Beck, Billy Strings, and more at WinterWonderGrass, Live For Live Music contributor Tory Pittarelli was asked to curate another round of interview tag with the guys from Leftover, who she fondly refers to as the Merry Pranksters of Jamgrass. She began the “game” by asking a member of Leftover Salmon a couple questions, then they sent her on a mission to ask one of their bandmates a question of their choosing. Read on below for Leftover Salmon’s game of interview tag, and for more information about the band and their upcoming tour dates, head here.Tory Pittarelli: People always say that being in a band is like being in a marriage. Leftover Salmon is coming up on its 30th anniversary as a band. How have 30 years of marriage treated you guys?Drew Emmitt: Great! We’ve never had a knock-down drag-out. There are always going to be disagreements, but for the most part, we’ve gotten along pretty well. I think one thing that has helped is having different people come in and out of the band. It hasn’t been the same band the whole time. It has been Vince [Herman] and me the whole time, but I think it’s refreshing to have different people join the band—I think it helps. It helps break up the monotony of the marriage.Tory: With the release of your 10th studio album coming up on May 4th, Something Higher…Drew: Is it that many?! Did you count the album with Cracker? It’s 11 if you count that. [Editor’s note: Leftover Salmon did a studio album called O’ Cracker Where Art Thou? in 2003, featuring two members of Cracker—David Lowery and Johnny Hickman—with musical accompaniment by Leftover Salmon.]Tory: With the release of your 11th album coming up on May 4th, Something Higher, you guys are no strangers to time in the studio. What have you learned about how to make the best use of the short amount of time you get to record in the studio together?Drew: [laughs] Relax. Have fun. It’s no big deal, just enjoy it.Tory: By now, you guys probably know everything there is to know about one another, and even things you don’t want to know. But you can send me to ask anyone in your band any question in the world. So what can I do for you?Drew: Ask Vince if he knows where I can get a chocolate-bacon, sock-monkey thong.***Tory: Hello Vince. Drew would like to know where he can get a chocolate-bacon, sock-monkey thong.Vince Herman: [without missing a beat] Chocolate-bacon, sock-monkey thongs are available at the Floyd Fest over there in the West Virginia section of the country. Scott and Nellie Coffman have a hillbilly gypsy kind of band over there. They’re the inventors of the chocolate-bacon, sock-monkey thong. As you can imagine, the chocolate-bacon, sock-monkey thong is kinda funky, you know? It’s rare for a funk eruption high on a Virginia mountaintop, but there you go!Tory: Is there only one?Vince: It’s like when a joke comes up about modern times, and it erupts spontaneously in a couple different places at the same time. It’s there in the gestalt of the mind of our culture. That’s where I think it comes from. What are we talking about again?Tory: Oh, nothing… [laughs] Moving on! What was the process like for you guys when putting together this album? Was it more pulling songs together that have been written over time, or was it more about writing songs for the concept of the album?Vince: Oh, it was definitely writing for the record, but not in a cohesive way or any strung-together concept or anything. But yeah, we don’t write a whole lot, or at least I don’t. The tunes were definitely written for the record. I’m going to start writing more though, dang it!Tory: So the album is called Something Higher. Does weed help you write, or make it more difficult?Vince: I forget.Tory: By now, you know the drill since this is our second round of interview tag together. What would you like to know from a fellow band member?Vince: I’d like to ask Alwyn Robinson who his main influences are when it comes to tennis-shoe choice. Well, not necessarily tennis shoes. Other shoes too. Just say shoe choices. As far as the band goes, footwear-wise, I think Alwyn is the most advanced player in the band. Sartorially, Erik Deutsch raises the level pretty high, but I think Alwyn wins it on the footwear.Tory: I would love to investigate this for you.Vince: These are important details.***Tory: Alwyn, who are your main influences when it comes to footwear?Alwyn: I love, first and foremost, shoes. I’ve heard it’s a Pisces thing, or at least, I’m going to tell everyone that it’s a Pisces thing so that everyone starts using that as an excuse to love shoes as well if they’re Pisces. I’m going to have to go with my cousin Josh in New Orleans. He’s a very, very sharp dresser. He always, regardless of how rugged everything else is on his body, takes care of his shoes. He always says that your shoes are the things that carry you through the day. He says he’ll make sure that if everything else is fucked up, his shoes will be nice because that’s going to remind him that shoes are what keep it together—physically and mentally. So yeah, I’m going to go with Josh.Tory: Hats off to you, Josh. Or shoes. Wherever you are. If you could have had any musician come into the studio and play on a track on Something Higher—let’s narrow it down and say they have to be alive and well—who would it be?Alwyn: Derek Trucks. I didn’t get put on to Tedeschi Trucks Band until maybe two years ago. I had a buddy tell me about this live record that they have, Everybody’s Talking, and I’ve played that record at least every other day for the past couple years—it’s ridiculous. Derek Trucks’ soloing on that is insane. That guy makes you listen, I mean they’re all the same way, but I would choose Derek because I’m attached to the sound of his instrument. All the musicians in that band make you listen with the same intensity, but Derek Trucks, he is incredible. His vibe, everything about him, seems humble and modest. He’s obviously listening to everyone, just as much as we are listening to him, because he’s such a great musician.Tory: Is there a particular track you think his playing would be the best fit for?Alwyn: Drew [Emmitt’s] tune, “Astral Traveler”.Tory: Oh right, the Colonel Bruce track. That would be perfect.Alwyn: Actually, I’m gonna go with two choices. Also, Greg [Garrison’s] tune “Analog”. Slide would be killing on that. It would fit the vibe very well.Tory: Let’s just get Derek to sit in with you guys in Telluride. Maybe we can make it happen.Alwyn: That would be a dream come true. That’d be amazing to share the stage with him.Tory: So you get to ask anybody anything. What’s it gonna be?Alwyn: Ask Andy Thorn what his favorite geographical region to hike within the United States is and why.***Tory: Andy! Alwyn’s got a question for you.Andy Thorn: Uh oh.Tory: Yeah, it’s a rough one. What is your favorite geographical region to hike within the United States, and why?Andy: Whoa. Now, this I’m interested in. I thought it was gonna be boring.Tory: Not today.Andy: I don’t know! I mean, I love Colorado. It could be anything. Maybe I’ll say the Tetons. The Tetons are sick. Cecilia and I did a backpacking trip there. One of my friends is a park ranger there, so we got to stay in a ranger cabin like five miles in, which the public can’t do, so that was pretty damn cool.Tory: I’m visiting friends up there this summer, so I’m gonna have to ask you where to hike when I go.Andy: If you can, visit Lake Solitude. It’s pretty deep in there, but it’s fucking amazing. We actually caught tons of fish unexpectedly, so bring a pole. If we caught fish, anyone can catch fish.Tory: Gonna feel like a real pile if I don’t catch one. So playing Red Rocks probably never gets old. To make this one even more special, you got to play with Phil Lesh & the Terrapin Family Band. Was this once one of your wildest dreams?Andy: I thought that was the best Red Rocks that we’ve had. All our Red Rocks shows have been really fun. My first was with Greensky Bluegrass. We sold out, and that was really fun because those guys are just our friends, you know? I’ve known them almost since the beginning of their band—before they even had Anders [Beck]. So that was really cool, just to be there with all our buddies. But to do it with Phil Lesh was even cooler, because he’s one of the most legendary musicians in our genre. He almost created the scene, you know, so getting to open for those guys there was incredibly cool.Tory: It was a big surprise for everybody I think when you guys started Phil Lesh’s set all together. I definitely expected you guys to come out together, but I imagined that happening at the end. It was really fucking cool for the Phil set to kick off with your entire band on stage with them.Andy: Yeah, it was really cool that they did the reverse sit-in flow. I love it. Usually you sit in at the end of the show, but this time it was like, “Oh yeah, you guys are going to play at the beginning!” That was great for us because then we got to hang out and party the rest of the time. It was perfect.Tory: So that Phil’s idea?Andy: Yep, we did not request to do that, believe it or not. The setlist was like that when we got there, and we were stoked.Tory: Let’s talk about Telluride! I’m already way excited about it. Do you have any favorite band memories from the festival?Andy: A lot of favorite memories are from Telluride Bluegrass. One of the coolest watching-music-at-Telluride moments was the year Robert Plant played. It was snowing during his set, and it was so freaking awesome. Everyone was totally blown away by it. That was one of the best shows I’ve seen at Telluride. It’s always fun when our friends’ bands are there. Mandolin Orange has been there. The Infamous Stringdusters, Greensky—we all just kind of came up together, so being there all together is pretty neat at this point… But the best part is the campsite jams of course.Tory: It’ll be here before we know it. See you at Camp Howdy!Leftover Salmon has plans for a huge 2018. In addition to the recent release of their new album, Something Higher, the beloved jamgrass ensemble has announced an extensive summer tour in support of their new studio album. Furthermore, the band has recently announced the second-annual return of their Fish Out Of Water Festival, which will take place in Taos, New Mexico, on August 10th and 11th with Dumpstaphunk, Cracker’s David Lowery and Johnny Hickman (formerly of Cracker), Trout Steak Revival, and more. For more information about Leftover Salmon’s summer plans and Something Higher, head to their website here.last_img read more

British consul visits Notre Dame

first_imgBritish Consul General Robert Chatterton Dickson visited Notre Dame’s campus Monday to meet with University President Fr. John Jenkins and undergraduate students. Dickson was appointed Her Majesty’s Consul General in Chicago on June 26, and he said the job has been both fascinating and busy thus far. He is responsible for relations between Britain and 13 Midwestern states, including Indiana. He said his position involves a variety of responsibility in terms of relations between the U.S. and the United Kingdom, and the geographical range of his responsibilities has led to frequent travel. “Campus visits are one of the best parts of my position,” Dickson said. “This is my fourth campus visit, and I always enjoy them. It was a real privilege to visit Notre Dame.” Dickson traveled from Chicago to South Bend to meet with Jenkins Monday morning, and he said the two discussed cooperation in higher education relations. According to Dickson, higher education is one of the most important connections between the United States and the UK. Dickson said he recognized just how important education is for the future of, and the relations between, both nations. During his visit the Consul General also lectured in an Introduction to Political Science Class and toured campus. He said he enjoyed his visit and interactions with Notre Dame students. Both the quantity and quality of student questions during his lecture told him a lot about the caliber of students at the University, he said. “I was impressed by the Notre Dame students,” Dickson said. “They were intelligent, thoughtful and engaging. I was also very impressed by the campus and the spectacular Basilica. I am keen to do more with Notre Dame; I’ll be back.” Dickson has had an extensive career leading up to his current post. A self-described career diplomat, he said he enjoyed the variety of his 12 different positions during his 20 years of service. In 1990, he left his “more lucrative” job at a bank to work in the government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), and said he has never regretted that decision. As a British ambassador to Macedonia, he managed a team that aided the Macedonian government in gaining admittance into both the European Union and NATO. Dickson described his work in the British embassy in Manila, Philippines, as both fascinating and challenging. He dealt with poverty, floods and earthquakes, but said he enjoyed position and was struck by the spirit of the Filipino people. He also worked in the British embassy in Washington, D.C., which he said is most similar to his current position. “Our relationship with the United States is the most important relationship we have with any country,” Dickson said. He was involved in shaping the UK’s contribution to the 2003 invasion of Iraq that ousted Saddam Hussein. Dickson advised British officials and was involved in diplomatic negotiations. For a time, Dickson was the joint-head of the counterterrorism department at the FCO in London. In that capacity, he said he managed teams that helped various countries develop strategies to counter terrorist activities within their borders. He focused on countries in South Asia, North and East Africa, and the Middle East. He described the work as both busy and unpredictable. One particularly unpredictable facet of his work was crisis response, wherein his team was responsible for advising the British Government on how to respond to terrorist attacks and activities. The worst attacks during his tenure were the shootings and bombings in Mumbai in 2008.last_img read more

Volunteer leaders

first_imgAccording to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 6 million American adults volunteer an average of 52 hours per year. Volunteerism is very much a part of our culture and Georgia 4-H relies heavily on the work of volunteers every day.Volunteers serve 4-H as chaperones, educators, mentors, leaders and marketers. Roles are as varied as the communities in which volunteers live and the youths in those programs. A 4-H volunteer may coordinate a 4-H fundraiser, volunteer in the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension office, help a 4-H’er prepare a project, chaperone at summer camp, mentor a 4-H’er at their livestock show or coach a judging team. Volunteerism in 4-H is not a new concept. The first Georgia 4-H volunteer was G.C. Adams, school superintendent in Newton County and founder of the 1904 Boys Corn Club. The corn club became the 4-H program. Today, more than 21,000 adults make an impact on Georgia 4-H youths as volunteers. The Search Institute reports one of the 40 developmental assets for young people is a positive caring adult. Further research shows that an adult who supports a young person, believes in his future and creates a positive environment for him to succeed is one of the key factors in that student’s success.Georgia 4-H is filled with stories of volunteers who touch the lives of students. “Because of the support of 4-H volunteers, my sisters and I were able to escape a difficult home situation and participate in an organization that changed our lives, “said one Athens-Clarke County 4-H alumna. Another student credits the patience and support of his 4-H S.A.F.E. (Shooting Awareness Fun and Education) coach for providing him the opportunity to excel in a sport that became a lifelong hobby. “Our volunteers took us everywhere. I saw Georgia because an adult cared enough to be my chaperone,” said another 4-H’er.“Our volunteer means so much to us. She is always there. She shows us what to do but lets us do it. When I walk in the show ring I know she’s proud of me and I’m proud that I can do it,” said a Georgia 4-H’er who participates in livestock showing.All Georgia 4-H volunteers are screened through UGA and trained to support the efforts of UGA Extension and 4-H in their communities. Individuals interested in volunteering for Georgia 4-H should contact their local UGA Extension office at 1-800-ASKUGA1 or email Jenny Jordan, Extension 4-H specialist – Volunteer & Teen programs, at [email protected]last_img read more

Notice: Proposed criminal procedure rule

first_imgThe Florida Bar Criminal Procedure Rules Committee has filed with the Florida Supreme Court an emergency petition proposing new Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.203 (Defendant’s Mental Retardation as a Bar to the Imposition of Death Sentence) and proposing amendments to Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.704 (The Criminal Punishment Code). Rule 3.203 is necessary due to 2001 legislation that created section 921.137, Florida Statutes (2001), which provides a new defense and prohibits the imposition of the death penalty on a mentally retarded defendant. See ch. 2001-202, Laws of Fla. The new rule would provide procedures and guidance for defendants, the State of Florida, and the trial courts. The proposed amendments to rule 3.704 are to make the rule consistent with the legislative amendments to section 921.0021, Florida Statutes (2001), made in ch. 2001-210, Laws of Fla. The amendments to rule 3.704 would expand the consideration of a juvenile offender’s prior offenses to include five years of prior offenses, rather than the current three-year period.The court invites all interested persons to comment on the committee’s proposed amendments, which are reproduced in full below, as well as online at An original and seven copies of all comments must be filed with the court on or before August 1, with a certificate of service verifying that a copy has been served on the committee chair, Raymond J. Rafool, II, P.O. Box 7286, Winter Haven 33883-7286, as well as a separate request for oral argument if the person filing the comment wishes to participate in oral argument, which may be scheduled in this case. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF FLORIDA AMENDMENTS TO THE FLORIDA RULES OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, CASE NO. SC02-1230 RULE 3.203. DEFENDANT’S MENTAL RETARDATION AS A BAR TO IMPOSITION OF DEATH SENTENCE (a) Notice of Intent to Raise Mental Retardation as Bar to Imposition of Death Sentence; Time for Filing; Contents. A defendant who intends to raise mental retardation as a bar to the imposition of a death sentence shall give written notice to the prosecutor not less than 20 days before trial or at such other time as ordered by the court. The notice shall contain the names and addresses of any experts whom the defendant may call to testify at a hearing to determine mental retardation. (b) Motion for Determination of Mental Retardation; Time for Filing After Recommendation of Death. A defendant who has given timely notice under subdivision (a) of this rule may file a motion for determination of mental retardation within 10 days after an advisory jury has recommended a death sentence. (c) Motion for Determination of Mental Retardation; Time for Filing After Recommendation of Life. The prosecutor shall notify the defendant, within 10 days after an advisory jury has returned a recommended sentence of life, if the state intends to seek a sentence of death. A defendant who has given timely notice under subdivision (a) of this rule may file a motion for determination of mental retardation within 10 days after receiving notice that the state intends to seek a death sentence. (d) Motion for Determination of Mental Retardation; Time for Filing After Waiver of Advisory Jury Recommendation. A defendant who waives the right to a penalty phase jury may file a motion for determination of mental retardation no later than 10 days after completion of the penalty phase hearing. (e) Appointment of Experts; Time of Examination. The court shall appoint 2 experts in the field of mental retardation upon the receipt of the motion for determination of mental retardation. The experts shall evaluate the defendant and provide to the court and the parties a written report of their findings. The reports shall be provided a reasonable time prior to the final sentencing hearing. Attorneys for the state and defendant may be present at the examinations. (f) Defendant’s Refusal to Cooperate. If the defendant refuses to be examined by or fully cooperate with the court-appointed experts, the court may, in its discretion: (1) order the defense to allow the court-appointed experts to review all mental health reports, tests, and evaluations by the defendant’s expert; or (2) prohibit defense experts from testifying concerning any tests, evaluations, or examinations of the defendant regarding the defendant’s mental retardation. (g) Hearing on Motion to Determine Mental Retardation. At the hearing on the motion, the court shall consider the findings of the court-appointed experts, the findings of any other expert offered by the state or the defense, and all other evidence on the issue of whether the defendant has mental retardation. If the court finds, by clear and convincing evidence, that the defendant has mental retardation as defined in section 921.137, Florida Statutes (2001), the court may not impose a sentence of death. The court shall enter a written order that sets forth with specificity the findings in support of the court’s determination. RULE 3.704. THE CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT CODE (a) – (c) (no change) (d) General Rules and Definitions. (1) – (13) (no change) (14) “Prior record” refers to any conviction for an offense committed by the offender prior to the commission of the primary offense. Prior record includes convictions for offenses committed by the offender as an adult or as a juvenile, convictions by federal, out of state, military, or foreign courts and convictions for violations of county or municipal ordinances that incorporate by reference a penalty under state law. Federal, out of state, military or foreign convictions are scored at the severity level at which the analogous or parallel Florida crime is located. (A) (no change) (B) Juvenile dispositions of offenses committed by the offender within 5 3 years prior to the date of the commission of the primary offense must be scored as prior record if the offense would have been a crime if committed by an adult. Juvenile dispositions of sexual offenses committed by the offender more than 5 3 years prior to the date of the primary offense must be scored as prior record if the offender has not maintained a conviction-free record, either as an adult or as a juvenile, for a period of 5 3 consecutive years from the most recent date of release from confinement, supervision, or sanction, whichever is later, to the date of commission of the primary offense. (C) – (E) (no change) (15) – (28) (no change) Committee Notes The terms must and shall, as used in this rule, are mandatory and not permissive. 2001 Amendment. 3.704(d)(14)(B). The definition of “prior record” was amended to include juvenile dispositions of offenses committed within 5 years prior to the date of the commission of the primary offense. “Prior record” was previously defined to include juvenile disposition of offenses committed within 3 years prior to the date of the commission of the primary offense. This amendment reflects the legislative change to section 921.0021, Florida Statutes, effective July 1, 2001. This new definition of prior record applies to primary offenses committed on or after July 1, 2001. Notice: Proposed criminal procedure rule Notice: Proposed criminal procedure rulecenter_img July 1, 2002 Noticeslast_img read more

Joe Biden is elected the 46th president of the United States.

first_imgWILMINGTON, Del. — Joseph R. Biden Jr. was elected president of the United States on Saturday, defeating President Trump after campaigning on a promise to restore civility and stability to American politics and to expand the government’s role in guiding the country through the surging coronavirus pandemic.Mr. Biden, 77, who will become the 46th president and the oldest man ever sworn into the office, secured 273 votes from the Electoral College after Pennsylvania was called for him, though the race was far closer than many Democrats, Republicans and pollsters had expected.- Advertisement – With his third run for the White House — after unsuccessful bids in 1988 and 2008, and after spending eight years as President Barack Obama’s vice president — Mr. Biden finally attained a goal that he has dreamed of for decades, capping a career in national politics that began with a victory in a 1972 Senate race here in Delaware. He was swept into office this year with the support of a diverse coalition of younger voters, older voters, Black Americans and white college-educated voters, particularly women. – Advertisement – Mr. Biden’s triumph concluded an extraordinary election that was expected to set modern records for turnout, despite being held amid a pandemic that has upended life across the United States. More than 100 million Americans voted before Election Day as states sought to make voting safer, putting the nation on track for the largest turnout in a century once the final vote is tallied.- Advertisement – Mr. Biden also won the popular vote by nearly three percentage points, and, with more than 74 million votes, broke the vote record set by Mr. Obama in 2012. Mr. Trump received more than 70 million votes — far more than the 63 million he received in 2016 when he beat Hillary Clinton while losing the popular vote.Voters overcame their fears of the coronavirus, long lines at the polls and the vexing challenges of a transformed election system to render a verdict on Mr. Trump’s chaotic and norm-breaking presidency. Mr. Trump was the first incumbent president to lose a bid for re-election since George H.W. Bush lost to Bill Clinton in 1992.Still, the race was not the landslide many Democrats had hoped for: Mr. Biden lost a number of important battleground states where he had invested time and resources, most notably Florida, amid signs of challenges with a number of Latino constituencies.center_img The Trump campaign and Republican lawyers have already begun a wide-ranging legal assault to challenge Democratic votes and victories in key swing states, part of a long-telegraphed effort to call the validity of the election into question.Mr. Trump, who baselessly declared victory early Wednesday, before votes were tallied in multiple states, had regularly questioned the legitimacy of the election as polls showed him trailing, and it was not immediately clear how he would respond to the news of Mr. Biden’s victory.Much of Mr. Biden’s agenda in office may rest on his ability to work with Congress. Democrats have maintained their hold on the House but had a much narrower path to reclaiming control of the Senate. The result also provided a history-making moment for President-elect Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris of California, who became the first woman, and first woman of color, on a winning presidential ticket. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Water frontage on Gold Coast with space to settle into

first_imgThere is a range of living spaces.One upstairs bedroom features a deluxe ensuite, while the remaining three offer water and garden views with built-in wardrobes. The bedroom downstairs impressively boasts a personal courtyard and shares the lower level floor with two bathrooms.Next door to a leafy park and close to schools, this is an ideal family home. The property will go under the hammer next weekend. 28 Bollard Cct, Clear Island Waters will go under the hammer next weekend.THE tranquil waters are best viewed from the outdoor, covered dining pavilion that’s flanked by lush gardens, tiered timber decking and pool. With 19m of water frontage, there’s plenty to lap up at the north-facing property. Polished floors and soaring ceilings invoke spacious living spaces.center_img The residence has five bedrooms and three bathrooms.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa20 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days agoLarge windows show off stunning water views from inside the residence, where polished floors and soaring ceilings invoke spacious living spaces. “Immaculately presented, with an intriguing mix of softening curves and clean lines, this award-winning home will be sure to appeal,” its listing states. The gourmet kitchen links with the outdoor alfresco area, and there’s a choice between open plan formal living and dining spaces. last_img read more

ESG ‘not a priority’, says German pension fund association

first_imgThe role ESG factors play in investment decisions will also depend on the asset class, said aba.A recurring point in its submission was the implications for investment along ESG lines of the structure of workplace pensions in Germany.This is one where the IORPs (institutions for occupational retirement provision) “are always linked to a sponsoring employer and sometimes in addition to social partners of a special industry”.The aba said: “The sponsoring employer might already have an ESG strategy in place that will then have an impact on the investment strategy of the IORP.“In addition, the field in which the sponsoring undertaking operates will influence ESG decisions – for example, the IORP of a company running a nuclear plant will not put nuclear energy on a negative list.”According to the aba, the main reasons why institutional investors and asset managers take ESG factors into account in their investment decisions are risk management, alignment of investment policies with the beneficiaries’ long-term interests, pressure from the investors’ clients and reputation.The latter two could lead to greenwashing, said the association.The answers were chosen from a multiple-choice list, although ‘reputation’ was a free input from aba.Reliability, usefulness, availability and cost of information/data is an issue when it comes to ESG matters, according to the association.“Different actors analyse the issues and publish the information in different ways, making it difficult to compare,” said aba. “In addition, most research is equities focused.”The association also raised the risk of “greenwashing” by companies in this context, noting that it might occur “in areas where it is difficult to measure improvement”.ShareAction, a London-based responsible investment charity, yesterday published a survey indicating that lack of data was preventing institutional investors from incorporating the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their investment process.German investors were among the respondents.The UN-backed Principles on Responsible Investment (PRI) are “a good starting point” for many investors looking at long-term risk assessment, said aba.However, the most important directive for occupational pension funds, according to the association, is the IORP Directive, and it “should be kept in mind”.Fiduciaries ‘busy people’ A revised IORP Directive is in the process of being negotiated by the European Council, the EC and the European Parliament (EP), with the EP’s proposed version mandating the integration of ESG factors in fiduciary duty.The aba is against this and reiterated its position in this latest consultation response.“To avoid uncertainty for IORPs and sponsoring employers and to allow them to address the challenges they currently face,” it said, “the review of the IORP Directive should not lead to additional regulatory changes in this field.”In Germany, overall interest from beneficiaries in ESG matters “is perceived to be relatively low”, said aba.Still, external events such as the UN climate change conference in Paris and scandals, such as about investing in cluster bombs, can trigger individuals to contact their pension scheme, noted the association.Asked about barriers to more integration of medium to long-term risk indicators, including ESG matters, into investment decisions, aba identified five factors that affect investor behaviour in this area.These included “fear of a lower return, reduced investment universe, higher costs, the fact many ESG factors are not specific and a lack of human resources”.“In addition,” it says, “day-to-day investment decisions are often outsourced to external asset managers, with the investors not providing additional indicators relating to ESG factors.”Investment consultants, said aba, “almost never, unless it is already included in the concept”, consider an asset manager’s approach to ESG issues and active asset ownership when advising institutional investors about selection of managers.Elsewhere, it said “fiduciaries are busy people, and ESG is not a priority”, citing a 2006 and 2015 updated report from Freshfields on the matter.Sustainable and long-term economic growth is a pre-occupation for many European policymakers, who are trying to recruit the financial sector, in particular institutional investors, to play a greater role in unlocking the investment needed to achieve this aim.The EC’s consultation, for example, builds on the ‘Communication on Long-Term Financing of the European Economy’ and the Commisson’s Capital Markets Union action plan. In the UK, meanwhile, a fresh initiative came from the Investment Association, which yesterday launched an action plan aiming to solve the country’s “productivity puzzle” and fostering long-term investment thinking. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have “taken a back seat” at German occupational pension funds amid the prevailing low-interest-rate environment, the country’s industry association has said.Responding to a European Commission consultation on long-term and sustainable investment, aba said “the security of the investment that achieves the necessary return is more important for investors than ESG factors” and that some investors did not therefore include ESG factors in their investment decisions.“Their primary responsibility of strategic investment decisions is to maximise the returns to fulfil the pension commitments for the members,” added the association, which represents German occupational pension funds.“Other priorities are a reasonable mix and diversifications of the assets, while maintaining an adequate level of liquidity. Investors often fear the higher costs of ESG research.”last_img read more

Truck hits tree in City Proper

first_imgILOILO City – The truck he was driving crashedagainst tree on General Luna Street, City Proper. The 33-year-old Romeo Calonia ofBarangay Rizal Pala-Pala, Iloilo City sustained bruises and slight scratches tohis knees, a police report showed. According to the report, the incidenthappened around 12 p.m. on Wednesday. Calonia was navigating the road when theElf truck he was driving lost its break. He avoided hitting other vehicles,which resulted in the crash./PN The front of this truck sustained heavy damage after crashing into a tree along General Luna Street, City Proper on Wednesday. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PNlast_img

Sports Minister to launch E Gaming Sports

first_img It is the most suitable for the post-Covid-19 era. Globally, it is a 138 Billion Dollars business. We also plan to develop the Mambila plateau area to turn it into a training ground for our long-distance runners who are mostly from the North. This is necessary and important considering that long-distance race is an individual, none contact sport that would likely resume  soon as the impact of COVID-19 winds down”. Dare further affirmed, ” While these are few things we are doing at the Ministry level, we are also keen to learn how other new things can work better.” read also:Okwaraji’s mum gets support from Sports MinisterOn youth development, he said more than two million young entrepreneurs will benefit from training and entrepreneurship programs to be funded through the Central Bank Federal Government job aquisition initiative. He assured me that the program will be launched next week. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Speaking during a  webinar on steps to reactivate the sports sector post the covid-19 era, Dare said” We are working on a plan that would produce for the first time an Industry-based sports policy that will turn sports into the business. We are on the verge of launching E-Gaming Sports in Nigeria.Advertisement Loading… As parts of efforts to key into the global benefits of E-Gaming Sports and make Nigerian sports more viable, Minister for Youth and Sports Mr. Sunday Dare has concluded plans to launch Nigeria into the E- Gaming Sports world. Promoted ContentCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WayFantastic-Looking (and Probably Delicious) Bread ArtThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreThe Models Of Paintings Whom The Artists Were Madly In Love WithBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made6 Ridiculous Health Myths That Are Actually True12 Countries Whose Technological Progress Amazes7 Thailand’s Most Exquisite Architectural WondersCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?Who Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Best Car Manufacturers In The WorldDid You Know There’s A Black Hole In The Milky Way?last_img read more